Campervan hire Australia


The outback, rain forest, surf, sand, and sun all in one day. One of the best places in the world to start your vacation is the east coast of Australia. One of the best ways to explore Australia is to drive a fully serviced, self contained, and well maintained campervan to enjoy your vacation experience. On Australia's east coast you can enjoy towns like Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Airlie Beach, Townsville, and Cairns. Traveling in a campervan gives you the opportunity to explore Australia independently. The campervan rental agency you select to rent your campervan from should offer a variety of models to choose from, including 2 berth budget pop tops, 3 berth high tops, and family 5 berth high tops.

All should be come with an all inclusive price including insurance of $500 minimum,LP gas refills, one way fees, and stamp duty, and be fully equipped campervans. In Australia it is quite common for people to rent a car one way. A one way rental refers to picking up a campervan from one hire location and dropping the car back at another hire location. These one way campervan rentals often attract specific one way fees. These fees are needed to cover the cost of returning the rental campervan to its original location. However, these one way rentals do not always attract these one way rental charges and you should therefore check out one way campervan hires between major airport locations within Australia.

They should also have a list of what is included in the pricing for you and should offer important touring guide information for your itinerary planning. This information should be jointly supplied by reputable travel agencies.such as Victoria Travel, NSW Travel, and Queensland Travel. Their rates should be all inclusive with no add ons. All charges should include one way fees and Government tax on convenience kits in these all inclusive rates. There should be nothing else to pay, everything should be included. If you are you planning to break your campervan vacation into two separate trips, they should offer you the opportunity to hire the campervan for two or more trips and if those travel dates fall within 3 months of each other you should qualify for a long hire discount.

Also, if you book 180 days in advance you should receive an early bird discount which should be a minimum of 5% off the daily campervan rental rate. Most campervan rental companies in Australia will rent a campervan to a driver aged between 21 years and 24 years of age with the only catch being for the under age driver is that the campervan hire rental agencies Australia will invariably levy an extra surcharge on the younger driver to cover the extra cost of car insurance. The other point to consider in campervan rental if you are under age is that only certain types of campervans can be rented by an under age driver which are usually the smaller type of campervans.

If you are between the ages of 21 and 24 looking for campervan rentals in Australia, you should to carefully check the total cost breakdown to see what the varied costs associated with an under age driver are, as each campervan rental agency has different rates. Australia has numerous memorable and rich experiences to offer adventurous travellers like yourself, particularly when you're driving a first class campervan. Move to the beat your own drum, create your own journey, and make yourself at home.

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