Campervan hire France


France is a large country in Western Europe and is surrounded by the borders of Spain, Italy, and Belgium, the English Channel and the Mediterranean, and the Bay of Biscay. France essentially has a climate of warm summers and cool winters and has a population of over 60 million. However, due to the fact that it is such a large country it does have extremes in climate, from hot and arid southern summers to Alpine snow. France is the one of the most visited counties in the world, and for good reason. It is a country filled with magnificant attractions which make it perfect for a campervan vacation. It is famous for its cultural attractions including, great wine, great food, and film. It also has many areas that have remained virtually untouched over the centuries and is also a country steeped in history.

Besides all this, France is a country of spectacular natural beauty, from the Alps to the Mediterranean coastline. In short, France has every type of attraction a visitor could possibly want. But not all of France is the same. Each region has its own distinct culture, history , and scenery. Exploring the entire country in a campervan will reap large benefits for the traveller. A campervan is by far the best and most economical way to explore France. The electricity is 230 volt two pin plugs and the currency used in France is the Euro. The road network in France is excellent and extensive. The small country back roads are very good as are the roadways. The roadways usually require a toll but it is worthwhile when you need to get from point A to point B.

There are many great picnic and service areas while you are en route. For over night stops there are extensive roadside facilities and campsites as camping and motor homing in France has been popular for many years. There are many fantastic things to do and see in France particularly in the summer months. A good climate, fine wines, great cuisine added to great cities, beautiful architecture and glorious scenery mean that France is a great vacation destination. A really enjoyable way to take advantage of this is to hire a campervan in France. Each vehicle type accommodates different configurations of eating and sleeping space.

Small campervans are available to accommodate two travellers, campervans for families accommodate two to four children and adults campervans for larger groups which will sleep up to ten people, including four children and six adults. From the comfort of a campervan you can have all the comforts of home with the freedom to go where you want. Venture into Paris, see the Bregagne coastline or the blue sea on the Cote d'Azure, or take in the Alpine mountains from your own campervan. If you hire a campervan in France you can also visit other countries such as Spain, Italy, Switzerland, Holland or Belgium.

In France there are rental depots located all over the country usually including Toulouse, Paris, Nice, Marseille, Digne, Brest, Angers, Tours, Rennes, Strasbourg, Rouen, Rennes, Nantes, Lyon, Lille, Ferrand, Clermond, Annecy, and Bordeaux. France is a hot spot for tourists all year round. Many people travel to visit Paris all year around while others go to the south in the summer, for sun drenched getaways. There is so much to do and see in France, so many fine wines to sample, so much cuisine and culture, it is difficult to cram it all into a short vacation. A great way to experience all that France has to offer, would be to hire a campervan for you vacation. Flexibility, freedom, and and fun. Why not explore France Europe in a campervan?

Today's modern vehicles offer easy and light maneuveability which means any one may drive them. No special licence is required. So why not consider renting a campervan and see France for yourself: Up close and personal, the way it was meant to be visited.

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