Festival campervan hire


There are many great reasons to hire a campervan. Perhaps you want to go touring through the United Kingdom, or restrict yourself to the Scottish Highlands. Or perhaps you are going on a yearly tour of Australia or Canada, for example. The list is endless. Hiring a campervan is a great way to be able to move around a country at your own leisure, without having to worry beforehand about places to stay, as well as not running the risk to be disappointed with a low quality hotel or campsite, for example. Furthermore, the freedom of hiring a campervan also means that if you had planned a visit to a certain area and find you don’t enjoy it, you are completely free to immediately move on.

What is Festival Campervan Hire?

If you are attending a festival, a great way to get there with a group of friends and do away with sleeping in the muddy in leaky tents, is by opting for festival campervan hire. Some people enjoy the rustic and ethnic feeling of sleeping in tents, but in fairness having festival campervan hire offers you a degree of comfort that can otherwise not be achieved. You will have your own toilet, shower and cooking area, for example, as well as being able to stay comfortable when you are inside. Furthermore, your belongings will be a lot more secure if you opt for festival campervan hire, so long as you don’t lose your keys of course!

Festival Campervan Hire Companies

There are quite a few companies across the United Kingdom that offer festival campervan hire. Some of the better known of these companies include:

  • Arrow Motor Homes, offering a variety of festival campervans, ranging from two berth to six berth.
  • Comfi Campers, focussing on retro Volkswagen festival campervan hire.
  • Camper 4 Hire, offering a beautiful Volkswagen van for festival campervan hire.
  • Hazy Days Caravan Hire, offering festival campervan hire in the form of a vintage caravan, including vintage interior. You will really steal the show with this one!
  • Motor Homes Direct, offering a variety of campervans for hire.

Festival Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of festival campervan hire will vary greatly on such factors as how long you require your rental agreement for, where you are based in the United Kingdom and where you are going, your age as a driver and the licence you hold (how long you have held it, whether or not you have any points, etc.). For a festival campervan hire, you are looking at anything between £70 and £110 per day, depending on the size of campervan you are opting for.

So, if you are attending one of the many festivals in the United Kingdom, opting for festival campervan hire could be the solution for you. It allows you to remain comfortable and bring quite a few friends. Plus, there are certain festival campervan hire companies that offer very unusually designed campervans, meaning you will definitely be envied by your fellow campers!

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