VW Campervan Hire Bristol


Bristol is one of the largest cities in the South West and while it would be fair to say that tourism is not huge in the region, its population means that there is always going to be a demand for VW Campervan hire. However, there are still several reasons to visit Bristol on leisure terms, with one of the main ones being the airport that sits on the outskirts of the city. A lot of people have been renowned to travel down to Bristol and stay in their campervan prior to using the airport, rather than paying hefty hotel fees. Many football fans have also made weekends of their trips to Bristol and will often travel on the Friday evening before returning on Sunday. With the well presented Gloucestershire county being just down the road, that brings another reason why people may require VW campervan hire in Bristol.

Following on from the above, there is certainly demand for VW campervan hire in Bristol and consumers are faced with the daunting task of selecting a firm from the vast list of options. With the following firms seen as some of the more popular in the area, it is advised for consumers to at least take a look at them:

  • The Bristol Camper Company
  • Hire AVW
  • Wild Wanderer

The Bristol Camper Company

Even though The Bristol Camper Company started out as a small family business, they are now seen as one of the leading providers of VW campervans in Bristol. They provide a complete fleet of VW campervans and unlike a lot of firms in the industry, the company also publish a list of prices. The cost of hiring a vehicle largely depends on the time of year, with the off peak season costing £525 a week while the peak season can cost the customer £895. However, for those consumers who wish to save money, the company do have older versions of VW campervans which can cost as little as £495 per week.

Hire AVW

This company based their business model on buying old VW campervans before then renovating them and providing them for hire. Hire AVW have four different types of campervans and even though each vehicle has been made in a completely different year, all of the prices remain the same. Just like the company mentioned above, Hire AVW also operate on a peak and off-peak basis with the cheap months costing £595 per week while the warmer months cost £895 per week.

Wild Wanderer

Based just south of Bristol Airport, Wild Wanderer are an extremely reliable company for the Bristol region. It would be fair to say that the company are relatively small, with just one vehicle being in their fleet. However, that 1971 model certainly comes equipped with many benefits, with customers receiving a cooker, fridge and dining table to name a few features. Wild Wanderer appear to be slightly cheaper than the companies listed above, with their off peak rates starting at just £450 per week, while customers can also hire vehicles for a shorter length and pay as little as £275.

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