4 Berth Campervan Hire


Hiring a campervan for a holiday is a dream come true for many people. The image of riding a van across open roads, driving towards the sunshine with some good driving music playing is a fantastic dream, and one that is entirely achievable. 4 berth campervan hire is popular both in the United Kingdom and abroad. Many people, for example, go on a touring holiday to faraway destinations such as Canada, America, Australia and New Zealand.

What is 4 Berth Campervan Hire?

Campervans are usually expressed in berths, indicating the amount of people that can sleep in the campervan. 4 berth campervan hire focuses on those campervans that can fit four people comfortably. The two most common 4 berth campervans are:

  • The Independence, containing a dining area that turns into a double bed as well as two single beds, a 90 litre domestic fridge, a cooker with four burners, an oven and a grill, a comfortable bathroom and an exterior power cable, meaning you can use the electricity on campsites as well.
  • The Ford Herald, which has a U shaped lounge, a very comfortable kitchen with all the necessary appliances including a fridge, a sofa that shapes into a double bed or can be made into two single beds and another double bed above the cab, plenty of storage and double glazed windows. The Herald is a very comfortable and luxurious campervan.

4 Berth Campervan Hire Companies

4 berth campervan hire is very popular, and this is reflected in the amount of companies in the United Kingdom offering it. Some of the companies you may want to contact if you are looking for a good deal on a 4 berth campervan hire agreement include:
  • Campervan Hire, offering a wide range of campervans for hire all across the United Kingdom.
  • Wild Horizon, offering campervans for hire across the North, the Midlands, London, Scotland and Wales.
  • Horizon Motor Homes, specialising in Volkswagen motor homes.
  • Manchester Motor Home Hire, who offer a 4 berth superior campervan for hire in the Manchester area.
  • Roam Scotland, a company based in Perth that specialises in a number of different 4 berth campervans.

4 Berth Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of 4 berth campervan hire will vary depending on your exact needs and requirements. Generally, prices are in line with seasonal holidays, meaning that campervans are more expensive during peak holiday seasons.

As an example, an Independence would cost between £450 and £600 per week, being the cheapest between the end of October and the middle of April each year, and the most expensive between the end of June and the end of August. Prices are generally the same for a Ford Herald.

As you can see, opting for 4 berth campervan hire to have a holiday of a lifetime is a fantastic idea. It will offer you the freedom of movement to come and go as you please, stopping where you see something interesting. And, prices of 4 berth campervan hire are by far cheaper than any other holiday!

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