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Campervan Hire has always been a favourite of people looking to visit the sights of the UK; groups of people from couples on romantic getaways to festival goers taking in many of the UK’s leading music events all use camper van hire as the way to holiday. There is a large number of company’s throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland that can offer campervan hire, UK hire companies find that there is large demand to meet as people look for an alternative to the traditional bed and breakfast or hotel holiday.

What are the benefits of campervan hire?

There are tremendous benefits to holidaying when you choose campervan hire, UK based companies are able to offer both modern and vintage campervans, the most popular being the original Volkswagen campervans from the 1960’s and 1970’s. Many of the vintage vans have been refurbished to include modern features but still give customers the chance to experience that retro holidaying experience.

The most common alternative to campervan hire is to camp in a tent. Camping in a tent can be enjoyable but at the same time can often be stressful with finding a location to pitch the tent and then erecting it regularly posing problems. Also camping in the UK is open to the traditional unpredictable weather and a decent night’s sleep can sometimes be tough. Campervans do not pose any of the problems found with tents and holiday makers are able to simply drive to a location and set up camp. Sleeping in the campervan means the comfort of a mattress over the hard ground and not being open to the elements in the same way as a tent.

Freedom to holiday as you choose is another massive benefit of campervan hire, UK holiday makers whether they are British nationals or visiting tourists are able to travel around the UK as they wish and see specific locations of interest. Staying in a hotel or B&B means that you often restricted to as to where you can visit and choosing to go out of town will mean paying expensive public transport costs. Campervan hire means that you can be visiting Aberdeen one day and Bournemouth the next.

The UK is catered with many campervan sites that offer wash facilities, food courts and entertainment, these can add to a holidaying experience, but as always with a campervan you are not restricted and can move on as you wish. With many UK residents choosing to holiday at home because of a tightening up of available holiday budget, campervan hire is the perfect option.

What features are included in a campervan?

There is a healthy versatility to campervan hire; UK companies can provide vans with sleeping room from two to four people. Each van whether it is an original VW or modern 2011 camper will provide customers with all of the necessities for the perfect holiday, these include:

  • Stove and hob
  • Sink
  • Beds and bedding
  • Worktop
  • Seating
  • Lighting
  • Cutlery
Depending on the company offering the campervan hire, there may also be the inclusion of fridge/freezer, TV and CD player.

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