Cheap Campervan Hire


While the financial crisis hinders a lot of companies, it would appear as though campervan hire firms are not hit too significantly. A lot of people have decided to forgo holidays abroad to save money and realise that the only affordable alternative is to hire a campervan.

However, campervan hire shouldn’t be seen as a poor substitute as the activity can bring something for everyone. Instead of being rooted in one hotel, the use of a campervan allows people to travel up and down the country and this means that all of the UK attractions are easily accessible. Of course, most people who hire a campervan do not do so just to visit attractions. The majority of customers simply wish to spend time outdoors in the countryside and there is absolutely no doubt that the UK presents an incredible amount of places to do this. Whether it be the Lake District, Peak District, South West, Scotland or Yorkshire, there are countless outdoor areas of beauty and a holiday in a campervan will allow holidaymakers to see them all.

It has to be said that if one does not shop around, a campervan holiday may not actually be that cheap. For this reason, it is worth taking a look at some of the larger companies in the industry who appear to price their vehicles at market rate. At the moment, the three firms below are seen as some of the most established in the country:

  • Budget Campervans
  • Compact Camper Hire
  • Get Away Campers

Budget Campervans

Budget Campervans are a global company and service the UK, USA, Australia and many more regions. The company are not actually a campervan hire provider themselves, but act more as an agency by taking a customer’s requirements and feeding it into a system which returns the best quote. Of course, for those customers who are simply looking to pay the lowest price possible, this firm will be perfect. For those who are looking for more of a tailored solution on the other hand, other companies may have to be looked at.

Compact Camper Hire

Compact Camper Hire have been in operation since the 1990s and this means that they posses plenty of experience in the industry. Their expertise is enhanced through the fact that they don’t just concentrate on the hire industry, but also renovate and sell campervans as well. At the moment, they have four vehicles in the fleet, with prices varying between £350 and £600 per week depending on the vehicle and time of year booked.

Get Away Campers

Get Away Campers was formed by campervan enthusiasts who had travelled all around the world in the vehicles. This immediately meant that the company was built on a wealth of knowledge and since its formation; Get Away Campers have made significant strides in the market. They currently have just the one vehicle in their fleet, with this being a Toyota Regius. The firm do not actively promote a price list although they are widely regarded as a cheap campervan hire service and consumers should complete the quote form to find out more information.

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