VW Campervan Hire


There is no getting away from the fact that a lot of people like to jet off to the exotic European and Continental destinations that provide plenty of sun, sea and sand. However, that certainly does not mean there is no market for the other type of holiday, which perhaps does not focus so much on the weather but more the activities available. This is where VW campervan hire enters, an activity that has proved hugely popular over the years and does not appear to be getting any less common. There are countless companies offering VW campervan hire services and with so many different types of vehicle available, the consumer needs to shop around before making a choice on the company they are selecting.

It is worth mentioning that the vast majority of companies in the VW campervan hire market do not have set prices for the whole year. Instead, they operate different tariffs depending on the season, with winter typically the cheapest while the summer months will call for higher costs. What’s more, the large companies are sometimes quite restrictive during the summer and will only allow their vehicles to be taken out for set periods.

Following on from the above, short reviews will now be provided on the following three firms:

  • Bounce Rentals
  • Classic Campervan Hire
  • Lakes Camper Hire

Bounce Rentals

Based around the Warwick area, Bounce Rentals are an example of a firm who cater for the VW campervan hire market in the Midlands. The company claim to be constantly growing and the fact that there are currently eleven vehicles in their fleet speaks volumes about their success. In terms of pricing, the company ask that customers send an email for specific figures. However, they still publish rough costs, with these ranging between £300 and £500 per week depending on the season that is booked.

Classic Campervan Hire

Classic Campervan Hire are one of many companies who base their services in the South West of England. They operate on a huge fleet, with customers having the choice of an incredible 19 VW campervans to choose from. With so many vehicles at their disposal, it will be no surprise to hear that Classic Campervan Hire have an extensive list of prices with each vehicle commanding something different. With that, we will just look at one of their vehicles, with a 1978 Bay Window Campervan named Maisy costing between £595 and £735 depending on the month.

Lakes Camper Hire

As the name of this firm clearly highlights, Lakes Camper Hire service the hugely popular Lake District VW campervan hire market. The company currently have three vehicles available in their fleet and with all of these being built in the 1970s, all have very similar specifications. The pricing structure for all three vehicles is very similar, with customers paying between £595 and £695 depending on the season. These sorts of prices are fairly common for this area, with the Lake District providing a perfect setting for campervan hire.

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