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The county of Hampshire sits on the South coast of England, meaning that it has become something of a holiday hotspot for British people in recent years. It would be fair to say that foreign visitors rarely frequent the county, preferring to visit more tourist friendly regions such as London and the South West.

Glasgow is a huge area and this means that there are a ridiculous number of VW campervan hire firms vying for custom. With so many firms to choose from, it’s recommended to at least take a look at some of the big players in the industry to gain an accurate understanding of what is on offer. At the moment, the following companies fall into this category:

  • The Wee Camper Company
  • Scotland by Camper
  • VW Camper Vans Scotland

The Wee Camper Company

As the name suggests, this company are a traditional Scottish firm and have firmly established themselves in the industry. Based near Glasgow Airport, The Wee Camper Company are situated perfectly for a lot of visitors to Scotland and this also means that they receive some foreign trade. At the moment, they advertise just one campervan for hire and publish a full list of prices for this vehicle. Unlike a lot of firms, The Wee Camper Company do allow customers to take their vehicles out for a day and this costs as little as £85 during the off peak season. In terms of weekly figures, customers can expect to pay around £435 in the winter months.

Scotland by Camper

Scotland by Camper are another company based around Glasgow and they currently have two vehicles available in their fleet. Each campervan arrives packed full of features, with a disposable barbeque, fridge and gas cooker being just several examples. Depending on the season, some people may find this company expensive while others may see them as good value. For example, in the winter months the company charge £435, but customers will be surprised to hear that the peak season does not cost much more with Scotland by Camper’s rate being just £575 per week.

VW Camper Vans Scotland

Unlike most companies in the industry, VW Camper Vans Scotland simply provide their vehicles from March until October. However, they are still viewed as a reputable firm and at the moment VW Camper Vans Scotland currently offer two different vehicles for hire. Just like the previous firm, VW Camper Vans Scotland also appears competitive with their pricing model, with customers only paying £575 per week during the summer periods.However, Hampshire certainly has plenty to offer and a lot of people tend to simply hire a campervan for a weekend to make the most of the county for a few days. While some people may wish to visit Hampshire for historical purposes to explore the upbringings of Charles Dickens and Jane Austen, the majority of visitors simply go there to make the most of the surroundings. There are many seaside resorts to visit, while the New Forest is also located there and is exceptionally popular with those who hire campervans. With two major football teams in the form of Portsmouth and Southampton both being based in Hampshire, the region attracts a different type of visitor with many football fans opting to make a weekend in a campervan.

Just like most coastal areas, Hampshire has a wealth of VW campervan hire companies. This is of course fantastic for the consumer, who is subject to competitive pricing in the market. To gain an accurate insight on the market in Hampshire, consumers should check out the following established companies that are located in the region:

  • Forest VW Hire
  • Campina V Dub
  • Camper Daze

Forest VW Hire

As the name suggests, Fore VW Hire are based in the New Forest which makes them an extremely popular firm for tourists. The company currently have three different campervans available for hire and each of these vehicles come with all of the standard features. Forest VW Hire publish a full list of prices on their website, with prices ranging from £495 to £700 per week depending on the time of year. The firm have also proven extremely versatile, with extra accessories such as bike racks being available for hire while the company allow customers to hire their vehicles for shorter periods of time.

Campina V Dub

Campina V Dub is a family run campervan hire business based in Hampshire. At the moment, the firm have three different vehicles available to hire, with all of these being new VW campervan models. Campina V Dub allows their customers to take their vehicles for either three, four or seven nights, with prices starting from £350. There is an advanced booking form on their website which highlights exactly when the company have vehicles available.

Camper Daze

Camper Daze are another Hampshire firm based in the New Forest and this company currently have four campervans in their fleet. Just like practically every company in the industry, Camper Daze have different tariffs depending on the time of year with their lowest rate set at £350 per week. Customers can make a booking or check availability through the simple form on their website.

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