VW Campervan Hire Kent


Kent’s nickname is the ‘Garden of England’ and that in itself should highlight just how tailored the county is for campervan hire. The region is full of beautiful countryside although this is just one of many reasons why it is targeted by holidaymakers. Being one of the Home Counties, Kent is also on the doorstep of London and that obviously means that tourists have access to a wealth of attractions such as the London Dungeons, Madame Tussuads and many more. Its proximity to London also means that the county is very open to the foreign tourist market, with many visitors travelling from all over Europe and accessing Kent through one of the London airports. This foreign market has actually improved the fortunes of VW campervan hire companies in Kent a lot, as many people travelling from abroad are simply not prepared to pay high hotel costs and would much rather combine their transport and accommodation in a campervan.

Considering the above, it would be fair to say that Kent benefits from a whole range of different attractions. This has made the VW campervan hire industry very popular in the area, meaning that it can be hard for customers to make a decision on a hire company to use. To aid consumers, it is advised to have a look at the three companies listed below which are widely recognised as big players in the Kent region:

  • Rent a Retro Camper
  • Hire Daisy
  • VW Brides

Rent a Retro Camper

Rent a Retro Camper are a relatively established company in the industry and at the moment their fleet contains four vehicles. Unlike many companies, Rent a Retro Camper provide customers with all the essentials they need such as sleeping bags, towels and all kitchen equipment. The firm’s prices seem reasonable in comparison with the rest of the market, with their rates starting from £550 per week and rising to £740 depending on the time of year. The company also offer weekend packages, with these starting from £350.

Hire Daisy

As the name may suggest, this company have just one vehicle in their fleet and unsurprisingly, it is named Daisy. The campervan has been heavily modified to provide customers with a comprehensive holiday experience and currently has a capacity of five seats. The typical price to hire Daisy is £100 per day, although the company are constantly releasing special offers which can knock around £30 off this rate. The firm also provide many corporate packages which allows firms to benefit from special extras that will promote their company.

VW Brides

Again, the name of this company highlights just what it has to offer. VW Brides specialises in VW campervan hire for the wedding industry and the firm currently have a total of four vehicles in their range. Two of these vehicles are VW campervans and are customized to perfectly suit the wedding environment. In comparison with standard VW campervan providers, prices are slightly higher for this company though and customers can expect to pay almost £500 for a single journey.

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