VW Campervan Hire North West


VW campervan hire in the North West is a very popular activity, although this is mainly due to the tourism through the Lake District and Peak District. Both of these areas offer visitors many levels of beauty; with mountains, lakes and plenty of green space contributing to a simply wonderful area that makes VW campervan hire completely worth it. On the flip side, the North West also contains some major cities with Liverpool and Manchester being prime examples. It would be fair to say that both of these cities do not attract tourists looking to hire campervans especially for these areas, although they do provide the North West with extra attractions that will of course be welcome on a short break. Both cities contain major shopping facilities, sports teams and even airports, meaning that people can get the best of both worlds by extracting the beauty from areas such as the Lake District and Peak District and then benefiting through advantages from the cities.

The combination of the above is perhaps why there are so many people looking to hire a campervan in the North West. The North West contains several areas that frequently attract holiday makers, meaning that the VW campervan hire market is very strong. At the moment, the three companies below are seen as some of the most established firms in the local area:

  • Morecambe & Wize
  • Nick Connah Ltd
  • South Lake Land Campers

Morecambe & Wize

Morecambe & Wize are one of the largest firms in the North West and this is emphasised by the fact that they even offer a franchise system. The company claim to have existed for over fifteen years and such history means they have a huge knowledge of the VW campervan industry. At the moment, the company’s fleet contains two vehicles with both being manufactured in the mid-1960s. In terms of pricing, there is not much difference between tariffs for this company with Morecambe & Wize charging £450 for off peak months and £550 for the warmer periods.

Nick Connah Ltd

Nick Connah Ltd claim to be a small company, but in reality the firm seem to be quite substantial and operate on a fleet of five vehicles. All of their VW campervans hold different specifications, meaning that customers can select the vehicle that is most suitable for their demands. The firm certainly seem to operate a fair pricing structure as well, with prices ranging between £395 and £625. Nick Connah Ltd can also provide extra services such as a chemical toilet and a satellite navigation device for extra cost.

South Lake Land Campers

As the name of the company may indicate, South Lake Land Campers mainly specialise in the Lake District market although they do cover other regions of the North West as well. The firm have just one VW campervan in their fleet, with ‘Sage’ charged with handing all of the company’s bookings. South Lake Land Campers appear to operate on a very low pricing structure and customers can hire their campervan for just £515 per week during peak season. With this figure dropping to just £400 in the winter months, the firm seem one of the best value options in the region.

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