VW Campervan Hire Wales


For those people who have no interest in picking up a sun tan, Wales can make the perfect destination for a campervan holiday. The country is packed full of beautiful landscapes, making it a firm favourite amongst holidaymakers, especially VW campervan enthusiasts. As well as its beauty, Wales also offers other attractions and sport is undoubtedly one of these. Being home to the Millennium Stadium, hundreds of thousands of sports fans regularly make a trip to Wales to support their side in either rugby or football and whenever an event is being held at this venue, there is huge demand for VW campervan hire. Many sports fans will simply take out a campervan in the nearby country areas before then driving into Cardiff for their sports meeting. With museums, festivals and a vibrant nightlife also being part of Wales, tourism in the country is booming and this of course has a hugely positive impact on the VW campervan hire industry.

Bearing the above in mind, it will be no surprise to hear that there are countless companies offering their services in regard to campervan hire in the country. At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the most established brands in the area and it is recommended that they are looked at first. By doing this, the consumer gains an accurate insight into what VW campervan hire firms in Wales have to offer.

  • Pembrokeshire Classic Campers
  • Celtic Camper
  • Split the Difference

Pembrokeshire Classic Campers

Pembrokeshire Classic Campers claim to be a hire provider of luxurious VW campervans in Wales. The company currently operate on a fleet of two vehicles, with one of these being a split screen and the other being a bay window VW campervan. With each holding slightly different specifications there are differences in price, although these are only usually small. Customers can hire vehicles from Pembrokeshire Classic Campers from between £375 and £675 per week depending on the season.

Celtic Camper

Celtic Camper cover the Wales and Shropshire regions and have built up a fleet of four campervans over time. However, all four vehicles vary very similar specifications and this means that there is little difference in the prices, with customers paying between £550 and £800 per week. This appears quite expensive in comparison with other firms and it is also worth mentioning that extras such as bedding and pets will arrive at an additional cost.

Split the Difference

Split the Difference concentrate most of their business on the North Wales region although they are also likely to accept custom in other areas of the country. At the moment, the firm have two vehicles available for hire with one being a standard VW Camper and the other being more customized for weddings. In terms of their pricing model, Split the Difference can charge between £500 and £750 per week depending on the time of year. Surprisingly, their most expensive periods are Christmas and New Year, which appears bizarre considering the fact that many companies simply charge their December rates for these occasions.

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