VW Campervan Hire Essex


Essex’s location means that transport and holiday companies always receive a lot of business. Being one of the Home Counties, it is sat right on the doorstep of London and this means that there is a vast attraction market to tap into. A lot of people going on campervan holidays tend to park and stay in Essex, which allows them to make simple trips to London during the day without paying the congestion charge. While the proximity of London is a big lure for Essex, the county does possess some of its own qualities. There is plenty of green space around and this means that it is very easy to park a campervan. With the county also boasting a local airport in the form of London Stansted, the VW campervan hire market is also open to foreign holidaymakers which is obviously a massive advantage.

As the above paragraph has highlighted, Essex certainly has enough attractions to support a thriving VW campervan hire market. At the time of writing, the following three hire companies are seen as some of the most recognised in Essex and consumers are recommended to at least make enquiries at them:

  • Nomad Living
  • Cosy Campervans
  • Strictly Campers

Nomad Living

A family owned business, Nomad Living also operate a VW campervan repair service which perhaps highlights their knowledge of the industry. At the moment, the firm run three different vehicles although each one carries the exact same cost for the customer. Prices for campervan hire certainly appear reasonable, with consumers expected to pay between £395 and £595 per week depending on the season they take the vehicle out. With that being said, the company are constantly releasing special offers and customers should check this before making a booking at the full price.

Cosy Campervans

Cosy Campervans is another family run establishment and as the name suggests, the company do everything in their power to make a customer’s order as pleasant as possible. The firm are slightly more expensive than Nomad Living, with their prices starting at £500 per week during the low season, although they are quite flexible with dates. For example, the company also provide a three day hire package, which can cost as little as £300 if booked for the winter months.

Strictly Campers

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, Strictly Campers have established themselves as a solid brand in Essex. One of their unique selling points is most definitely their fleet, which is imported all the way from Australia and available under three different comic names. Customers can decide to hire Dory, Bubbles or Nemo, with each vehicle costing exactly the same price. Unlike a lot of firms in the industry, Strictly Campers have two different seasons to make things simple. During the off peak periods, customers can pay as little as £695 per week although in other months the price rises to £795. The company also offer delivery within a twenty mile radius to their customers.

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