VW Campervan Hire in Cornwall


Based on the coast of the United Kingdom, it will be no surprise to hear that Cornwall is very popular amongst those people who hire VW campervans. An incredible fact about the region is that almost 25% of the county’s trade arrives from the tourism industry, which is remarkable considering the average figure for the rest of the nation. There is no doubt that the most impressive feature of Cornwall is its beautiful landscape, with visitors to the county being subject to vast parks and beaches which are simply perfect to camp on. With history also benefiting the region greatly, Cornwall has proved to be one of the most common destinations for campers and the remainder of this text will aim to supply readers with sufficient information to make a decision about their campervan provider.

There are a huge number of VW campervan hire companies in Cornwall, with the following three regarded as some of the most popular:

  • Cornwall Campers
  • Campers for Hire
  • Bay Campers of Cornwall

Cornwall Campers

Cornwall Campers have established themselves as one of the main VW campervan providers in the South West. The company currently have six vehicles in their fleet, with each holding slightly different specifications. While most companies in the industry operate under two tariffs, Cornwall Campers have several and customers will pay different prices depending on the month they are travelling. For example, campervan hire in July or August would cost £680 per week, yet this would be reduced to £475 for services in March or April. What’s more, the company will only charge £395 per week if a customer wishes to take a vehicle out in the winter periods.

Campers for Hire

Campers for Hire operate on a slightly smaller fleet than Cornwall Campers, with the firm currently offering three different campervans for hire. The company are based right on the coast of Cornwall and this is probably the reason why they decide to completely close down for the winter months, when presumably tourism trade is low. However, the firm offer many packages during peak season, with prices starting at £540 per week, with customers also having the option of hiring the vehicles for shorter periods of time.

Bay Campers of Cornwall

Bay Campers of Cornwall have two vans in their fleet and are seen as another of the big players in the Cornwall VW campervan hire market. The pricing structure for this company is certainly extensive and customers are given a range of options before they commit to hiring a vehicle. As well as simple weekly hire, there are four day options and also discounts if the customer decides to book two vehicles at the same time. Prices for hire seem average for the industry, with customers paying between £350 and £560 depending on what time of year they take the vehicle out. The firm provide visitors to their website with a simple booking form, with this page also highlighting the availability for each vehicle.

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