VW Campervan Hire Scotland


Scotland is seen as one of the premier sights of campervan hire, with the attractions and countryside making it a highly desirable place to visit. There was once a time when Scotland was renowned simply for its history and landscapes, but over time other markets have developed and the country now boasts a vibrant nightlife, several huge universities and great shopping facilities. Cities such as Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen contain something for everyone although in relation to the VW campervan industry, most visitors will be looking to explore the traditional features of Scotland. The country boasts many areas of beauty with its Highlands attracting many hikers and sight seekers, while other parts of the Scottish countryside are ideal for VW campervan hire as well.

Considering the above, it would be fair to say that Scotland is the perfect environment for campervan hire. However, with so many green areas, the market is absolutely massive and this means that consumers are inundated with options. Choosing a reliable VW campervan hire firm can be a daunting task and therefore, the following firms have been selected to give the consumer a starting point as they start to make a decision about a hire firm:

  • Classic Camper Holidays
  • Scotland by Camper
  • Carty’s Campers

Classic Camper Holidays

A family owned business, Classic Camper Holidays have become well established in Scotland and currently have three vehicles in their fleet. Customers can choose from either two traditional 1970s vehicles, or the company have recently invested in a modern campervan. In terms of a pricing structure, the firm appear quite restrictive with one example being during the summer months, where they will only provide their vehicles for Saturday to Friday hire. At other points of the year their prices seem quite reasonable though, with customers paying between £470 and £540 per week depending on the month.

Scotland by Camper

Based on the outskirts of Glasgow, Scotland by Camper is situated perfectly to serve the VW campervan hire in the popular areas of the country. The firm currently have two campervans in their fleet, with both ‘Dougal’ and ‘Lolly’ manufactured in 1972 to provide customers with a traditional range of vehicles. In comparison with the previous company, Scotland by Camper operate a much simpler pricing policy and customers can expect to pay between £435 and £575 depending on the time of year they wish to travel.

Carty’s Campers

Carty’s Campers are also based around the Glasgow area although unlike the previous examples, this company just have the one campervan in their fleet. However, this should certainly not discredit them as the firm have become very accomplished in recent years and offer a sterling service to customers. It would also be fair to say that the prices from this company are much lower, with customers being able to pay as little as £425 per week in the summer months. With this dropping to £325 in the low season, consumers have certainly been presented with an affordable option in the form of Carty’s Campers.

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