VW Campervan Hire Lake District


The Lake District is another very popular destination for VW campervan hire in the UK. Based in the North West of the country, the area is renowned for its lakes and mountains which make the region one of the most beautiful in England. Most of the Lake District is part of the National Park, meaning that visitors are guaranteed to be visiting a well kept area and campervans will always be parked in a safe and peaceful environment. It would be fair to say that the Lake District does not contain any other attractions and tourists should just brace themselves for a holiday based purely in the countryside. There are no large shopping centres or football stadiums but for those who want a peaceful and pleasant break, the Lake District can be absolutely perfect to hire a campervan in.

The landscape of the Lake District means that it is an extremely popular holiday destination, particularly for British people. As the area is based so far into the country, it will be no surprise to hear that VW campervan hire is a very popular activity. There are a large number of companies offering a hire service in the Lake District, with the following three seen as some of the most established:

  • Lake Land Campers
  • South Lake Land Campers
  • Lake District Camper Hire

Lake Land Campers

A family owned business, Lake Land Campers may only have one vehicle in their fleet but they are still a very popular provider in the Lake District. The campervan available is named Dolly and has been all over the world, having first started out in South Africa. After some heavy restoration work the vehicle now sleeps four people and is accompanied with all the modern features that today’s campervans contain. The company just have the two tariffs, with customers paying either £550 per week or £495 per week depending on the period that they are travelling.

South Lake Land Campers

This is another family run business and just like the previous company, South Lake Land Campers also just have the one vehicle in their fleet. This campervan is named Sage and having also been subject to large restoration efforts, the vehicle has everything that a holidaymaker requires. The company’s pricing model is quite extensive and has three different prices depending on the season. For example, customers will have to pay £400 per week for the winter months, but this will increase to £515 for the peak season.

Lakes District Camper Hire

Just like the previous two companies analysed, Lake District Camper Hire are also family run and contain just the one VW campervan in their fleet. Unlike a lot of businesses in the campervan hire industry, this vehicle is relatively new having only been manufacturer in 2003. Prices for the vehicle appear very similar to the general Lake District market as well, with customers paying between £495 and £595 depending on the month that they are booking for. Lake District Camper Hire also offer many wedding packages which include benefits such as a chauffeur and alcohol, with prices for this service starting at £250.

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