VW Campervan Hire England


A lot of people are for some reason surprised to see England ranked as one of the more popular holiday destinations. Whether it is for the English nationals themselves or for foreign visitors, England has many attractions that make the country very desirable to visit and campervan holidays are seemingly one of the most popular types of break. Whether it is for the countless tourist attractions based in London, or simply the beautiful landscapes that occupy much of the country, England has something for everyone and this is obviously superb news for VW campervan hire firms. The majority of customers tend to hire their campervan and take it out to the countryside or coast, with destinations such as Cornwall, Devon or the Yorkshire Dales always proving popular. What’s more, with most places being free to visit in these regions, many people simply decide to hire a campervan due to the big savings that can be made in comparison with other types of holidays.

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of VW campervan hire companies in England, which one may find strange considering how old the vehicles are. It would therefore be impossible to study every single company in the country, but consumers should take a look at a select few. Following research, it appears the firms listed below are amongst the most popular in England:

  • Snail Trail
  • East Coast Campers
  • Outer Motive

Snail Trail

Snail Trail are an extremely established company in the industry, having first opened their doors over twenty years ago. Being family run, the firm pride themselves on being friendly and should a customer wish to make a booking, they will more often than not get in direct contact with the company’s founders. Snail Trail currently have five different vehicles in their fleet, with each being given its own comic name. The company publish a full list of prices on their website, with customers charged between £550 and £825 per week depending on the time of year they are travelling.

East Coast Campers

As the name suggests, this company are based on the east coast of England in Suffolk. The company have numerous different VW campervans in their fleet and unlike a lot of firms in the industry; they do permit customers to take the vehicles on European trips. With that being said, such journeys do cost extra and East Coast Campers publish a full list of prices on their website. The difference between UK and European trips can be quite significant as well, with a one week hire costing £445 for UK use in comparison with £606 for European.

Outer Motive

Based in Warwick, Outer Motive generally service the Midlands region. As well as offering VW campervans for hire, the company also repair vehicles and provide a customization service for customers. It would appear that this is the main part to their business and that campervan hire is a mere secondary section. Bearing this in mind, the company publish very little about their VW campervan hire services and customers have to email them to gain information on pricing.

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