VW Campervan Hire Sussex


While Sussex cannot be described as being on the doorstep of London, it is still very close and visitors to the county will still be able to benefit from all of the attractions that the capital offers. In terms of the Sussex area itself, there are many regions of interest for visitors with many campervan enthusiasts opting to visit coastal zones. Brighton is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers, with the vibrant nightlife and pleasant coastal area making it extremely desirable. The coast is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why VW campervan hire is so popular in the area and this is perhaps Sussex’s unique selling point in comparison to other counties that are situated nearby to London. The VW campervan hire market in Sussex also benefits mildly from sport, with a lot of people tending to hire a vehicle when they go and watch the local football team and make a short break out of the weekend.

The above information shows just how much there is on offer in Sussex, which is obviously great news for the VW campervan hire industry. At the moment, the following three companies are seen as some of the largest in the Sussex market and should at least be considered:

  • Jelly Bean Buses
  • V Weekender
  • Lazy Days Campers

Jelly Bean Buses

Jelly Bean Buses have grown tremendously over recent years and their progress is certainly not slowing, with the firm about to release a new vehicle into their fleet. At the moment, there are three VW campervans in the fleet with each being slightly different and therefore appealing to different consumers. The company do not operate in the winter months, with this including December, January and February. However, at other times of the year they appear to be reasonably priced, with customers paying between £500 and £630 depending on the month they are travelling in.

V Weekender

A small firm, V Weekender currently have two vehicles in their fleet. However, potential customers certainly should not dismiss them for this as their company has become highly established and the fact that both of their campervans have been imported from Brazil highlights that they are quality vehicles. Their pricing model can only be described as bizarre and goes completely against industry standards though. Instead of offering weekly prices, the firm simply advertise rates for weekend travel. They have two tariffs, peak and off peak, with these being £450 and £300 respectively. Customers who purchase such a package can decide whether or not to stay for three or four nights, with the cost remaining the same.

Lazy Days Campers

Lazy Days Camper are a family run business that operate from Chichester. Their fleet contains just the one vehicle at the moment, with this being a 1973 Classic VW named Lenny. The company currently offer three different tariffs with customers being able to take out vehicles from either Friday to Monday, Monday to Friday or Friday to Friday. In terms of weekly prices, the firm appear to match the average rates for the industry with figures ranging between £540 and £650 depending on the season.

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