VW Campervan Hire Surrey


Surrey is another of the Home Counties of the UK and this means that the county has endless benefits. Based just on the verge of London, a lot of people tend to visit Surrey and make the most of the short travel time to the capital as they experience all of the attractions based there. In regards to VW campervan hire in the region, this is certainly a popular activity with Surrey providing plenty of green space to aid campervans. Being outside of the congestion zone, a lot of holidaymakers who aim to visit the London attractions see campervan hire in the county extremely worthwhile not only for the obvious reasons, but for affordability as well.

Surrey’s location in relation to London means that the county will already benefit from plenty of VW campervan hire services, as many London based firms also serve the Home Counties. There are a lot of large businesses in the Surrey region and while consumers should always shop around, they should at least have a look at these firms to see what is on offer. The following companies are seen as several of the most established at the moment:

  • Hire Daisy
  • Campina V Dub
  • Kombi 4 Hire

Hire Daisy

Hire Daisy are a firm based in Surrey who just have the one vehicle in their fleet at the moment. The name of the company may give it away, but the VW campervan is called Daisy and unlike a lot of vehicles, Daisy seats five people. Instead of doing what many VW campervan hire firms do, Hire Daisy simply offer their customers one price tariff with this being £100 per day. However, potential customers should be aware of the special offers that the company run, which can result in massive savings.

Campina V Dub

Campina V Dub are an established company in the Surrey region, although they also service other nearby counties. At the moment, there are three vehicles in their fleet and unlike the vast majority of companies in the industry, Campina V Dub appear to specialise in the newer VW campervan models as all of their vehicles are from 2009. The company advertise two tariffs with the price varying depending on the time of year. For example, a weeklong stay will cost either £550 or £750 depending on the season, although the firm do provide their services for shorter stays with three and four night options being available.

Kombi 4 Hire

Kombi 4 Hire are a fairly large firm in the Surrey region, with their fleet currently containing four different campervans. However, while each may vary slightly in appearance, the technical specifications remain the same and this is why Kombi 4 Hire have the same pricing structure for all four vehicles. The company advertise that their campervans can be taken out from as little as £500 per week, although customers are advised to email to obtain an exact quote. Another appealing feature of this company is their delivery policy, which states that they will delivery any vehicle to a customer so long as the distance is less than 50 miles from Redhill.

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