VW Campervan Hire Yorkshire


Yorkshire is one of the premier destinations for VW campervan hire, with the acres and acres of green space proving perfect for those holidaymakers who want a taste of the country. The majority of people visiting the county head to the Yorkshire Dales, which are made up of splendid hills of countryside that stretch for miles and miles and provide people with plenty of areas to park their VW campervan. The beauty of Yorkshire is that while it does provide plenty of countryside, holidaymakers also have other types of amusements available with several big cities such as Sheffield and Leeds being in the county. Of course, with the aid of a VW campervan, these areas are within perfect reach and can provide plenty of attractions on days when a holidaymaker may need a break from the country. With sport being hugely popular in Yorkshire, the county also attracts hundreds of thousands of sporting fans every year and this is another market where VW campervan hire companies benefit from.

Bearing the above in mind, it will be no surprise to hear that the market for VW campervan hire is absolutely flooded in Yorkshire. There are countless companies to choose from and this means that consumers have a very difficult decision on their hands. Therefore, it is advised to take a look at some of the larger firms in Yorkshire, such as the following:

  • Liberty Campers
  • Old School Camper Hire
  • Dub Trips

Liberty Campers

Liberty Campers claim to be the largest VW campervan hire provider in the whole of Yorkshire. At the moment, there are six vehicles that make up the company’s fleet and most of these hold similar specifications having been manufactured in the 1970s. Prices for Liberty Campers also seem reasonable considering the high demand in Yorkshire, with customers paying £360 per week during the winter months and £695 through peak season.

Old School Camper Hire

Based in Leeds, the name of this company may suggest what type of campervans they supply to customers. All of their vehicles are traditional, with most being manufactured in the 1970s. In comparison to the previous company, the pricing structure for Old School Camper Hire appears slightly strange as while the winter months are more expensive, customers do not appear to pay much at all for hire throughout the summer. For example, it will cost £375 for a week in January, but just £595 for the same amount of time in August.

Dub Trips

Dub Trips is another highly recognised company in Yorkshire and they offer a number of packages for different requirements. Starting with the standard rates, the company will provide VW campervan hire for between £350 and £600 per week depending on the time of year. However, the firm also have various wedding packages and with customers receiving a chauffeur, champagne and flowers as part of this, it could be the perfect experience for a couple. However, Dub Trips do not advertise prices for this service and ask for customers to call to obtain a quote.

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