VW Campervan Hire UK


The UK is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and this should come as absolutely no surprise considering the wealth of activities and attractions available in the country. The region has acres of countryside and this makes it absolutely perfect for VW campervan hire. Whether it be the South West, Yorkshire or Scotland, there are locations all around the UK that make campervan hire a very worthwhile activity. It has to be said that in recent years VW campervan hire has become even more common and this is mainly due to the rising costs of hotel accommodation and of course the poor economic climate. A lot of people now turn to the UK VW campervan market and combine their transport and accommodation together to create an affordable break that involves some of the finest landscape in the world.

With so many countryside areas, there are many companies offering VW campervan hire in the United Kingdom. Most of these offer similar services and it is therefore important for consumers to take a look at some big firms and gauge what is available. These three VW campervan hire companies will now be looked at:

  • Camper Bug
  • Lakes Camper Hire
  • Kamper Hire UK

Camper Bug

Camper Bug is slightly different to the average VW campervan hire supplier, with this company acting more like a broker. The firm provide something of a marketplace which brings together both customers and suppliers of campervans. While some individuals may see this as much more hassle than simply contacting a company directly from the start, those who are looking to compare prices and piece together the best deal for themselves may be benefited from taking a look at Camper Bug.

Lakes Camper Hire

Lakes Camper Hire claim to be a small family business, yet the company already have three vehicles in their fleet and are seen as a big player in the Lake District market. The company benefit from a hugely advanced website, where users can check the availability and price of a vehicle by just picking their travel dates.

Kamper Hire UK

Kamper Hire UK advertises their services across the country and even provides their vehicles for use in Europe. At the moment, there are two vehicles in their fleet, with one being two-berth and the other four-berth. Considering the difference in size it will be no surprise to that the company advertise different prices for each vehicle, with one costing £55 - £100 per day while the larger campervan is available from £65 - £120 per day.

VW Campervan Hire UK Summary

The UK may not benefit from the heat waves that neighbouring regions have, but there is no doubt that its attraction market is one of the best in the world. People can travel to any place in the country and find a pleasant piece of countryside to visit and as this article has highlighted, VW campervan hire in the UK is also reasonably priced.

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