VW Campervan Hire Cornwall


Cornwall is one of the most popular destinations for holidaymakers in the United Kingdom, with many people making the most of its coastal surroundings. It’s estimated that almost a quarter of Cornwall’s GDP is made up from tourism, which perhaps highlights just how much the area relies on visitors. The region can be described as nothing but an area of beauty with beaches, parklands and cliffs combining with museums and other historic attractions to create a wonderful holidaymaking destination, more specifically an ideal place to take a campervan. With Cornwall being located right at the end of the country, those people who are looking to hire a VW campervan will probably be simply looking to stay in the county. With so much open space this seems perfectly reasonable and it would appear that those people who do hire such a vehicle will simply stay in one spot and explore most of Cornwall on foot.

All of the above highlights that there is a huge market for VW campervan hire in Cornwall and consumers will have a ridiculous number of companies to choose from. With Cornwall relying on the tourism industry so much, prices are extremely competitive and customers should shop around before making their decision. To give a brief outline of what the VW campervan hire market in the region has to offer, consumers are advised to look at some of the more established companies in the market with the following three being examples:

  • SW Camper Hire
  • Campers in Cornwall
  • Fistral Bays

SW Camper Hire

SW Camper Hire are actually based in Devon, but their services stretch across to Cornwall as well. In comparison with most firms in the industry, SW Camper Hire has a large fleet and consumers can choose from one of several VW campervans. The company publish an extensive list of prices on their website and this model allows customers to customize their trip to an affordable rate. For example, a standard VW campervan would cost £375 per week in January, but the modern model in August would cost almost double that.

Campers in Cornwall

Campers in Cornwall is another established company in the area and they currently have five vehicles in their fleet. Just like the previous company, Campers in Cornwall also provide their customers with a full list of prices although the costs seem a little more expensive. For example, customers can expect to pay just over £500 per week during the winter months, while it will cost £760 for a week during the peak summer months.

Fistral Bays

Fistral Bays claim to be the only VW campervan hire company in Newquay, which is something of an achievement in itself. The company are based right next to Newquay Airport and this means that they are a favourite amongst foreign visitors. Like most companies in the VW campervan hire industry, Fistral Bays’ price list is detailed and users will have to conduct a thorough analysis of it to get the best deal. This is due to the fact that the prices of different models can vary enormously, with the difference being up to £200 a week in some cases.

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