VW Campervan Hire Manchester


Based in the North of England, Manchester is one of the UK’s most vibrant cities and even though a lot of attractions are based in urban areas, that is not to say VW campervan hire is not popular. It would be fair to say that the city of Manchester itself holds very little appeal for the typical campervan enthusiast, as in comparison to other areas there is significantly less countryside. However, this does mean that VW campervan hire in the city is cheaper, as there is simply not as much demand in comparison with other areas. Bearing this in mind, holidaymakers can certainly create an affordable, and decent, short break for themselves and while they may not be able to benefit from National Parks and countryside that other areas offer, Manchester still has a wealth of attractions that would be easily accessible in a VW campervan.

As the above paragraph has indicated, despite its size Manchester is probably not a hugely popular destination for those people who are hiring campervans. However, with so much countryside available in nearby areas, there are still plenty of local providers of VW campervans. It appears that the following three firms are some of the big players in the Manchester market at the current time:

  • Manchester VW Campers
  • Private Camper Hire
  • Chase the Sun

Manchester VW Campers

The story behind Manchester VW Campers is certainly very touching, with the company starting after a recently married couple struggled to locate a VW campervan for their wedding. At the moment there is just one vehicle in their fleet although following their success this year, the company are hoping to add another campervan for 2012. The campervan provides customers with all standard features and there is the possibility of extras such as bike racks and additional chairs for further cost. Like every company in the VW campervan industry, Manchester VW Campers operate on a tariff policy with their prices starting from £500 and raising to £650 per week depending on the season.

Private Camper Hire

Private Camper Hire operate on a slightly different business policy to most firms in the industry, with the company acting as more like a broker. They allow owners of VW campervans to list their vehicle specifications on their website, along with a list of prices for all different seasons. Such a concept means that consumers are presented with a huge array of options and this of course means that great savings can be made.

Chase the Sun

Based in Preston, Chase the Sun are easily located to serve the Manchester area. Having only opened their doors in 2006, it would be fair to describe the company as fairly new although that should not mean that they should not be considered. There are currently four vehicles available in the company’s fleet with each sporting a different design to cater for the demands of different customers. Prices for Chase the Sun appear to be some of the lowest in the area as well, with customers paying between £350 and £595 depending on the month they decide to travel in.

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