VW Campervan Hire London


While most of London may not be based in the countryside, it is still a very popular destination for VW campervan hire. The amount of attractions in the capital are simply endless and many people opt to hire a campervan and then go on daily trips to the city to taste the likes of Madame Tussauds, London Bridge and Covent Garden. Many sports fans also aid the campervan industry in London and this is due to the vast amount of sporting venues in the capital. With so many football and rugby teams being based in the area, many people decide to make a weekend of their trip and hire a campervan to roam around the city and save on the exuberant hotel costs. With the likes of Kent being right on the doorstep of London, there are many other areas of countryside that can be used to park the campervan overnight as well.

In truth, one could write thousands of pages on all of the attractions available in London. With so much to do and see, the VW campervan hire industry is very strong and this means that there is plenty of choice for consumers. To narrow these selections down, consumers are advised to explore the following established firms to at least get to grips with the general market:

  • Fire Fly Campers
  • Dub Hire
  • London Campers

Fire Fly Campers

Fire Fly Campers is family run and offer VW campervan hire for any type of service. The company have two vans available for hire and just like practically every business in the industry, both of these vehicles have been provided with comic names. The company advertise four different pricing brackets depending on the time of year that the customer wishes to hire the campervan, with prices starting from £450 and rising to £695.

Dub Hire

Based in North London, Dub Hire claim that their business is constantly growing and they have unprecedented demand for their services. At the moment, the company just have one vehicle in their fleet - a VW campervan named Tilly. Dub Hire go completely against the industry standards for their prices and instead of providing customers with weekly tariffs, they work per 24 hours. This will of course be exceptionally beneficial to those customers who only wish to hire their campervan for a short period of time. The company charge £95 during the winter months, with this figure rising to £110 per 24 hours in the summer.

London Campers

London Campers claim to be a small business in the capital, although they still hold three vehicles in their fleet. At the moment they have three different bases, which perhaps highlight just how progressive they are. In terms of a pricing model, London Campers have different costs depending on the vehicle and time period, with prices ranging between £315 and £575 per week. While the company do not actively promote prices for weekend hire, they say they are open to negotiation and this could result in customers receiving small discounts.

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