VW Campervan Hire Europe


While the lure of the United States or African countries is tempting for many people, holidays in Europe are hugely popular and this is mainly due to the variety that the continent has to offer. In relation to VW campervan holidays, the region has absolutely everything and many people often decide to go on a whole tour of the continent to make the most of each different country. For example, a lot of people may start in the United Kingdom to make the most of the fantastic landscape and gardens, before then progressing to warmer climates and benefiting from the hot weather that accompanies the likes of Spain, Greece and Portugal. With many regions of Europe also supporting skiing, there is absolutely no doubt that Europe supports a fantastic range of holiday options and if one can afford it, a tour in a VW campervan would be an absolutely marvellous experience.

The vast scale of Europe means that it is impossible to cover every angle of the European VW campervan hire market. However, it is definitely worth checking out several different companies, especially the more established ones who have been able to piece together information and construct a list of prices that match the general market rates. At the moment, these three firms fall into this category:

  • Campervantastic
  • VW Kampers
  • Munich Kampers


Having been in operation for just over five years, Campervantastic have won numerous awards during their short existence and are seen as a prime VW campervan supplier through the UK and Europe. They boast that all vehicles in their fleet are no more than two years old while they also all arrive with plenty of benefits for the customer, such as a range of kitchen accessories. The company publish a full list of prices for hire on their website, with prices ranging between £665 and £945 depending on the period that is booked.

VW Kampers

Based in Sussex, VW Kampers claim to be the largest company of their type in the county. The company have an absolutely huge fleet available, with customers being able to select either classic or modern versions of the campervans. Despite the number of vehicles in their fleet, VW Kampers advertise the same price for each one. In the winter months, customers are charged £495 per week, but this will rise to £695 through the peak periods. The firm also allow customers to hire vehicles for shorter periods, with three and four day options being provided.

Munich Kampers

The name of this company may suggest that they are based in Germany, yet this is not the case and they are simply a UK firm who import German campervans to the country. This means that they are of the absolute highest quality and the company provide customers with a huge variety to choose from. As well as this, the company claim to be experts in campervan trips across Europe and will be more than happy to help those customers who have questions before embarking on such a journey.

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