VW Campervan Hire Dorset


Dorset is another hugely popular region for holidaymakers in the South West of England and this is probably due to the fact it is located on the coast. Areas such as Bournemouth and Weymouth constantly attract tourists and with so much open space being based around these places, it’s no surprise to see campervan hire a hugely popular activity. While Dorset cannot be described as being on the doorstep of London, many residents of the capital still regularly make weekend trips to the county due to all of the attractions that are based there. A lot of these people tend to hire campervans to make the most of the outside scenery, meaning that demand for the weekend and school holiday periods is exceptionally high and it’s sometimes difficult to locate a vehicle.

With Dorset being such a popular tourist resort, there are fortunately a lot of companies who specialise in the VW campervan hire market. Over the course of time, various companies have made a mark in the Dorset VW campervan hire market and generally set standards that newer companies follow. The following three firms are examples of companies who have been in the market for some time and should at least be compared:

  • Dorset Dubbers
  • VW Camper Van Rental
  • Dorset Dub Hire

Dorset Dubbers

Dorset Dubbers are one of the most popular suppliers of VW campervans in Dorset and their fleet appears to always be growing. At the moment, there are five different types of campervan available for hire and like a lot of firms in the industry; Dorset Dubbers supply each vehicle with a comic name. Prices for campervan hire appear to be very competitive as well, with customers being able to take a vehicle out in the off peak season for as little as £425 per week. While this figure can increase to £750 per week through the summer months, these prices are most certainly affordable for those individuals who are serious about taking out a VW campervan.

VW Camper Van Rental

VW Camper Van Rental cover the whole of the South Coast, although their offices are based in Dorset. The company provide their website visitors with a full list of prices, although they do appear to be slightly more expensive than Dorset Dubbers with the cheapest week package costing £540. The firm currently have three different types of VW campervans in their fleet and again, each vehicle has been handed its own personal name.

Dorset Dub Hire

Dorset Dub Hire are another popular firm in the region, with this company basing a lot of their business on specialised packages. For example, the company have organised a special wedding package that allows customers to be chauffeur driven in a decorated campervan, with extras such as chocolates and champagne being supplied in the meantime. Of course, they still offer standard packages and their prices appear competitive, with the lowest deal starting at £450 per week. Fortunately, the company are versatile and allow customers to take their vehicles for shorter amounts of time through their part-week packages.

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