VW Campervan Hire Edinburgh


Being the capital of Scotland, it will be no surprise to hear that VW campervan hire is very popular in Edinburgh. The city is extremely touristic and this means that a lot of people who hire VW campervans do so for short periods, to take advantage of the attractions on offer in the city. The entertainment options at weekends often mean that there are a lot of VW campervans touring the roads and consumers are advised that it may be difficult to acquire one. The industry also benefits immensely from the university that is based in the city, with many students opting to hire campervans for short breaks that do not prove too expensive.

Bearing the above in mind, there is undoubtedly a massive selection of companies that cover VW campervan hire in Edinburgh. The sheer size of the city means that there are countless firms offering the service and this means that it can be very difficult to make an informed decision. It is therefore advised to take a look at a few firms which can then help show what the general market in Edinburgh has to offer. It is recommended to investigate the following three businesses:

  • Bonnie Campers
  • Scooby Campers
  • Carty’s Campers

Bonnie Campers

Bonnie Campers claim to be one of the newest companies in the industry, although that is certainly no reason to ignore them. The firm operate with vehicles that are completely new and while they only have two campervans in their fleet, their business model is tailored so they target as many customers as possible. For example, one of their minibuses is seemingly designed for more elegant journeys, while the other is slightly more downmarket and allows customers more leeway with their order, with the allowance of dogs being one example. Prices for Bonnie Campers can be obtained by progressing through the booking pages on the company’s website.

Scooby Campers

Scooby Campers have a slightly longer history and also appear more established in the industry with the company possessing a fairly large fleet. In total, there are six different VW campervans available for hire through this company and while each vehicle has a different specification, prices are the same. The company advertise that customers wishing to hire a campervan for one week can pay as little as £585, with this figure increasing depending on the time of the year.

Carty’s Campers

While Carty’s Campers are based in Glasgow, their services also stretch to Edinburgh and a lot of residents in the capital still use this firm. At the moment, it appears as though Carty’s Campers have just the one campervan available for hire, with this being a 1977 model named Dakota. It has to be said that prices for this company seem to be significantly cheaper than the previous firm, with customers paying as little as £325 per week depending on the season. The company also offer a weekend hire service, with the cost of this being as low as £225.

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