VW Campervan Wedding Hire


A lot of people simply view trips in a VW campervan as a holidaying activity, but there are actually a whole host of other situations where the vehicles come in use. One of the other popular ones is weddings, with many couples opting to hire a VW campervan to take them to and from their wedding venue. This is seen as a hugely romantic method of travel and with many hire companies supplying extras such as a chauffeur, ribbons, flowers and champagne, a trip in a VW campervan can certainly be very special.

With so many additional features being included in VW campervans in the wedding industry, it will be no surprise to hear that many companies are keen to offer their services. With so many firms vying for custom, it can be difficult to make an informed decision especially when the odds are so high. It is therefore recommended to take a look at the following three companies, which are seen as leaders in the VW campervan wedding hire market:

  • Dub Tails
  • Strawberry Leisure
  • Love Bug Weddings

Dub Tails

There are some VW campervan hire companies that simply have a wedding segment to their business, yet Dub Tails is not one of these and the firm specialises completely on VW campervan hire for weddings. Based in Yorkshire, Dub Tails provide their customers with a choice of two campervans, with one manufactured in the 1970s while the other is even more traditional having been born in the 1960s. While consumers will have to enquire about exact quotes, Dub Tails advertise that the prices for their wedding package start from £295. This includes all of the standard wedding features, such as a chauffeur, champagne and decoration.

Strawberry Leisure

Based in Cornwall, Strawberry Leisure are a relatively new company having first opened their doors in 2009. Despite their age, the firm have already been featured on several high profile media fronts including Channel 4 and Penwith Radio. The company currently have four vehicles in their fleet, with some customers opting to take all of these vehicles out for their wedding excursion. In terms of pricing, Strawberry Leisure do not provide a definitive price guide but instead take each order on a case by case basis and this means they will tailor a package directly for a customer’s needs.

Love Bug Weddings

Love Bug Weddings are a VW campervan hire company that service Wales. There are currently three vehicles in their fleet, with each holding a unique design that means couples have plenty of choice. Just like the majority of VW campervan wedding hire companies, Love Bug Weddings do not advertise a list of prices but instead operate on a quote by quote basis. It is worth mentioning that the company are also poised to appear on the BBC, if readers wish to gain further insight on them.

VW Campervan Wedding Hire Summary

The three big players in the VW campervan wedding hire industry have been highlighted above but really, there are countless companies providing this service. In general, every company operates a similar service although it is certainly worth obtaining several quotes before making a final decision.

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