VW Campervan Hire Midlands


With cities such as Birmingham, Derby, Leicester and Nottingham making up the Midlands, the region is full of attractions and this means that there is a huge market for VW campervan hire. While none of these cities are particularly tourist hotspots, each contain certain elements that make them appealing for short breaks. For example, a lot of people decide to go and visit Sherwood Forest in Nottingham to not only find out historical information on Robin Hood, but to also marvel at the beauty of the area. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why people hire a campervan in the Midlands, as Sherwood Forest is made up of acres of open space and there is no better way to explore this area than to hire and stay in a campervan. It is worth mentioning that there are a lot of companies based around Sherwood, meaning that hire in the area is very easy.

As the above has highlighted, the Midlands is not particularly touristic although there are several attractions that make it a worthwhile place to visit. These attractions make the VW campervan hire market quite large and consumers will be presented with many different companies. At the time of writing, the three firms below are seen as the strongest players in the Midlands hire market:

  • Camper 4 Hire
  • VW Retro Rentals
  • Midland Camper Hire

Camper 4 Hire

Camper 4 Hire have grown tremendously in recent years and currently boast a fleet that contains eight different VW campervans. What’s more, with the company allowing their vehicles to tour into Europe, they are also opening up another market to their customers. The company’s fleet is made up of classic and modern vehicles which obviously means that different prices are charged. However, in general the prices seem reasonable, with one example being £395 for a classic VW campervan in the month of January.

VW Retro Rentals

VW Retro Rentals are another large firm in the Midlands although as the name suggests, they mainly specialise in the classic VW campervans market. There are currently five different vehicles in the fleet and each arrives with a different specification, meaning that customers can choose the most suitable vehicle for their needs. VW Retro Rentals publish an extensive list of prices on their website and allow customers to hire their vehicles for any amount of time. For example, an individual can hire a vehicle for five days in September for the cost of £525, or decide to purchase an extra day and pay a total of £605.

Midland Camper Hire

Based near Birmingham, Midland Camper Hire certainly cater for most of the Midlands market. The company have four different vehicles available for hire and with each being manufactured in a different year, it means that each of their campervans are different and suitable for unique needs. Due to the variation in their fleet, Midland Camper Hire publish two price lists depending on the vehicle that the customer is hiring. In general the firm seem to be competitively priced, with consumers able to hire a van for just £375 for a week in December.

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