VW Campervan Hire in Scotland


Scotland is completely unique in comparison with other countries in Europe and that’s probably the reason why it’s such a popular tourist destination. In terms of VW campervan hire in Scotland, the country is seen as one of the most beautiful places in Europe and this makes this activity very popular. Many people will simply take their campervan up to the beautiful Scottish Highlands, or any other countryside for that matter, and marvel at the beauty that the region has to offer. While most of VW campervan hire occurs in the rural areas of Scotland, there is a small part of the market in the big cities. Whether it be the history that occurs from Edinburgh or the more modern attractions in Glasgow, those people who do decide to hire a VW campervan in Scotland will at least have the option of different activities should they wish for a break from the countryside. However, in general, most customers simply make the most of the incredible countryside that Scotland benefits from and stay with their campervan in one place.

With Scotland possessing something of a perfect environment for VW campervan hire, it will be no surprise to hear that there are many companies that offer a hire service for the vehicles. To gain an understanding of the market as a whole, readers should take the time to look at the following reputable firms:

  • Escape Campers
  • Happy Highland Campers
  • West Highland VW Campers

Escape Campers

Escape Campers are seen as one of the largest VW campervan hire suppliers in Scotland. The company have a large fleet that contains five different vehicles, meaning that everyone’s demands can be satisfied. While many companies in the industry simply offer customers a set weekly figure, Escape Campers appear to be quite versatile and consumers can choose from seven, four or three night packages. In terms of weekly costs, the prices also seem competitive and range from £375 to £485 per week depending on the season.

Happy Highland Campers

Happy Highland Campers have only been in operation for a few years, having first opened their doors in 2007. However, this is certainly no reason to ignore them as the firm have made giant strides in recent times and now hold a fleet that contains five different vehicles. The firm advertise weekly prices for every month of the year, with travel in the peak seasons costing the customer £595 per week.

West Highland VW Campers

Based near Inverness, West Highland VW Campers currently have two vehicles in their fleet. In comparison with a lot of the established providers, the pricing model adopted by this company appears very competitive and at certain times of the year customers will only have to pay £350 per week. What’s more, West Highland VW Campers do not make any secret of their frequent special offers which can save consumers large amounts of money. For example, at the moment they are offering a £50 discount for any returning customer.

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