VW Campervan Hire Somerset


VW campervan hire in Somerset is sure to be a popular activity, with the location of the county meaning that visitors have access to a number of key areas. On one side of the region is Bristol, which of course offers its visitors a range of facilities including shopping, sport and entertainment. On the other is Gloucestershire, and this is most definitely an area that will appeal to people who hire a VW campervan with the county awash with beautiful countryside. In terms of Somerset itself, there are plenty of areas to take a campervan with the county boasting many places of green space. There are several hilly areas that may appeal to some visitors, while Exmoor National Park is another popular destination for holidaymakers.

With a lot of Somerset being so rural, it is an ideal location for VW campervan hire companies to base their business. This means that the consumer has access to many hire companies although this of course this presents a difficult problem. It should be noted that at the moment, the following three companies are seen as established firms in the Somerset market and should be at least looked at:

  • Bristol Camper Company
  • Wild Wanderer
  • Hire AVW

Bristol Camper Company

Bristol Camper Company are a firm located just on the outskirts of Bristol. It would be fair to say that they are one of the more established brands of Somerset, with the company currently having five campervans available for customers to hire. With these ranging from 1979 models to vehicles manufactured in 2008, customers can either choose to take out a traditional or more modern campervan. Considering the variation in their fleet, readers will not be surprised to see that the company charge different rates depending on the vehicle that is being taken out. However, the majority of their campervans cost between £495 and £695 per week depending on the time of year they are taken.

Wild Wanderer

Wild Wanderer are a VW campervan hire company that supply services across Somerset and the South West of England. At the moment, they have just one vehicle available for hire with this being a 1971 VW Camper going by the name of Guinness. Just like practically every business in the VW campervan hire industry, Wild Wanderer vary their prices depending on the season and customers can pay anywhere between £450 and £650 per week. The firm provide a helpful availability chart on their website and once a customer has checked this, they can proceed to email Wild Wanderer to confirm their booking.

Hire AVW

Hire AVW are an extremely established brand in the Somerset region and the firm currently have five vehicles in their fleet. What’s more, it appears as though this figure will only increase, as the company’s business model is to simply buy old VW campervans and then renovate them into an acceptable hire state. In comparison to previous firms it could be said that Hire AVW are slightly more expensive, with prices ranging between £595 and £895 per week depending on the time of year.

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