Types of Campervan available for hire


A campervan is defined as a self propelled vehicle that provides both sleeping accommodations and transport. This usually describes vans that have been refitted to accommodate campers.

They are considered as an alternative to the purposefully built recreational vehicle or motorhome because they are smaller and handle more like most vans. They are typically equipped with a pop up roof which when raised during camping can usually sleep two adults, although most modern campervans have a fixed high top. They have a small refrigerator powered by either gas or electricity and a very small kitchen with a two or three burner gas stove. They would have a dual voltage lighting system which can either work off a separate battery to the car battery known as a leisure battery, which are equipped in almost all modern motor homes, or off the AC power, which is supplied in most campsites via a hook up cable.

However, most campervan rental agencies have numerous campervan models to choose from. These include everything from large campervans that can sleep as many as seven or sometimes eight people comfortably to the smaller versions which are more suited to the single or double occupancy. Most all campervans come equipped with full shower and bathroom facilities, dining and sitting areas. The size A class campervans are slightly smaller. Their capacity is usually 7.5 tons and upward. The over cab campervans are a large campervan and are large enough to tow a car. The most common brands of over cab campervans are Fiat and Ford. The low profile campervans have smaller engines. Many also have fixed beds, however, extra beds can usually be created by extending the drivers seat. The fixed and rising roof campervans are relatively smaller than the other types. Their total weight is usually between two to three tons. The fixed roof does not provide for any additional headroom. The rising roof model increases headroom in the campervan when stationary.

Regardless of which campervan you rent, they all come with certain amenities including unlimited miles or kilometres, 24 hr roadside assistance, all linen (Sleeping Bags, Pillows, Towels, Sheets etc), privacy curtains, all pots, pans cutlery, and even a bottle opener, outside chairs and a sun awing , first aid kit, maps, camping guide and a portable heater, discounts at camp sites and local tourist attractions.

There are numerous campsites throughout the world that accommodate all of the various campervans, from the smallest single or double occupancy to the luxurious six to eight sleeping hotels on wheels, you will not find it difficult to find a place to stay regardless of the type of campervan you are driving. Renting a small campervan is also an excellent way to get your feet wet before moving up to a larger campervan or entertaining the idea of purchasing on for yourself. Do a little research on the Internet first and determine which campervan feels right for your particular situation and vacation requirements before you rent. So why not take the plunge and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime and go see your campervan rental agent.

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