Pet Friendly Campervan Hire


Many people now opt to hire a campervan to drive through their holiday destination country of choice. Many companies specialise in offering campervan hire in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, the United States of America, Europe as a general region or Canada, but plenty of people opt to hire a campervan for their holidays across the United Kingdom as well. Hiring a campervan gives you the freedom to come, stay and go as you please in any destination, without having to worry about reservations, bad hotels, dirty campsites or boring places.

What is Pet Friendly Campervan Hire?

Some people do not like leaving their pets when they go on holiday. Many hotels do not accept pets, and many camping sites are sometimes wary of allowing pets on their site. However, if you opt for pet friendly campervan hire, you will be able to travel in style and comfort, stopping where and when you like, whilst bringing your beloved pet with you. Particularly if you remain within the United Kingdom, pet friendly campervan hire is a great way to include your pet on your holiday. Furthermore, pet friendly campervan hire can be very cost effective, as it will reduce the need to find a boarding home or kennel for your pet.

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire Companies

There is a host of companies in and around the United Kingdom that offer pet friendly campervan hire. Some of the better known companies include:

  • Amber Leisure Motor Home Hire, who appreciate the importance of having pets around you, not just for your mental wellbeing but also for your physical health. They offer pet friendly campervan hire for an impressive fleet of campervans, ranging from two to six berth.
  • Abacus Motorhome Hire, who specialise in offering pet friendly campervan hire for a range of different motor homes, from two to six berth.
  • Dog Friendly Britain, offering pet and dog friendly holiday solutions, including pet friendly campervan hire.
  • Motor Holme, who offer a range of different campervans for hire, including pet friendly campervan hire.
  • Compass Motorhome Hire, who pride themselves on offering dog and pet friendly campervan hire with unique features to tailor your campervan to your pet, including a little dog house on the side of the campervans, for example.

Pet Friendly Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of pet friendly campervan hire will vary depending on your exact requirements. Furthermore, many companies such as Abacus Motorhome Hire also regularly have late and last minute deals to watch out for.

So, if you are thinking of taking the entire family, including the dog, hamster and pet goldfish on a touring holiday, there no longer is a need to pre plan every minute of every day of your holiday and scope the market for the best kennel for your pets or house sitters for your caged animals. You are sure to be able to find pet friendly campervan hire companies that meet all your needs and requirements, from the most basic to the most luxurious.

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