Retro Campervan Hire


Many people are now opting to hire a campervan for their holidays. Hiring a campervan is a fantastic way to have all the freedom in the world to come, stay and go as you please. If you don’t like one of your points of destination, you can just move on! Plus, hiring a campervan takes away any worry you may have had about grubby hotels or sub-standard campsites. If need be, you can park on a lay-by and spend the night there, whilst still enjoying all necessary creature comforts such as a nice bed, a working kitchen and your very own toilet and bathroom. No more traipsing through wet grass fiercely hanging on to a roll of toilet paper and trying to find the toilet block in the middle of the night with no contacts in!

What is Retro Campervan Hire?

Hiring a campervan is, in essence, quite retro. It takes us back to the late sixties where young people used to travel through Europe in a Volkswagen van, or travel from festival to festival. Campervan hire conjures up images of long haired people who are unwashed and scream of making love not war.

Retro campervan hire tries to return us to those feelings by offering vintage campers or caravans, sometimes even including retro interiors, cutleries and crockery and sometimes even vintage and retro board games. Retro campervan hire, simply put, is a great way to either pretend you have returned to the sixties, or pretend you were there in the first place.

Retro Campervan Hire Companies

There are quite a few companies in the United Kingdom that offer retro campervan hire. Usually, retro campervan hire involves an old Volkswagen van – or a new one that is made to look retro. Some of the better known companies that offer retro campervan hire include:

  • Chase the Sun, offering retro camper van hire in the North West of the United Kingdom, including Manchester, Lancashire, the Lake District and Cheshire.
  • Rent a Retro Camper, offering retro campervan hire all across the United Kingdom.
  • Retro Campervan Hire, offering what they describe as self drive fun.
  • Retro Camper Hire, offering retro campervan hire across Yorkshire.
  • Dorset Dubbers, offering Volkswagen van retro campervan hire in Dorset.

Retro Campervan Hire Costs

The price of retro campervan hire will vary depending on your exact requirements. Many companies actively encourage longer term hire by lowering their overall daily price for longer contracts. There are also many companies that offer last minute deals, meaning you could get your retro campervan hire at a seriously reduced price.

So, whether you are thinking of having your very own 60s revival, or whether you are just looking for an alternative holiday, retro campervan hire could be the solution for you. You could be travelling in comfort and style across the United Kingdom or some far away destination in your very own Volkswagen van. Regardless of your exact needs, you are sure to be able to find a retro campervan hire company that will be able to meet them

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