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Alaska, New York, or New Orleans. A diverse and exciting country already set up for the self drive tourist and there are so many campervan, motor home, and Recreational Vehicle (RV) options RV, motor home and campervan rental options, and numerous exciting campsite destinations to offer. For freedom, flexibility, value for money it is really hard to beat a campervan hire.The USA is extremely well set up for the drive yourself vacationer. The USA is a vast country with many things to see and do. Hiring a campervan allows you to see it at your own pace. US citizens have been cruising the country in campervans for decades. The USA offers everything from parks in the extreme wilderness to fully equipped luxury parks. Campervans are the the easiest and most convenient way to explore the USA.

What is Campervan Hire VW?

Campervan hire VW is the most popular type of campervan hire in the UK. If you think of the vans from the 60s you will have a pretty good idea of what the retro VW vans look like… and yes they really are that cool! The more modern VW campervans in the T4 and T5 ranges are much more luxurious and are an ideal choice for families or couples who want to travel in comfort and style. No matter which type you prefer there are dozens of campervan hire VW companies located throughout the UK.

Campervan Hire VW Companies

With the VW being one of the most requested campervans for hire, it is unsurprising that there are so many companies who offer this vehicle. Some of these include:

  • East Coast Campers – Located in Essex, this company have a wide range of retro style VW campervans for hire at affordable prices.
  • O Connors Campers – If you are looking for a specific VW campervan for hire, this company may be your best bet. Located in Devon, they have a large selection of retro campervans available for hire ranging from the early 60’s style to the late 70’s.
  • Escape Campers – This Scotland based company have five retro VW campervans for hire and all are named after characters from the Magic Roundabout. Each campervan is equipped with everything you could ever need to ensure a fabulous holiday!
  • Scooby Campers – Another Scottish company, Scooby Campers have three traditional VW campervans for hire to people looking to make their holiday in Scotland that little bit different!

Campervan Hire VW Costs

The price of VW campervans varies depending on the company you choose, the length of the hire period and the model of the van. There is not a great deal of difference in price between the retro based vans and the more modern alternatives so it will depend on what your requirements are as to which van you prefer. For example, a retro style van for hire with Escape Campers costs £375 per week from December to March, and increases to £485 per week from June – August. This is still a lot cheaper than hiring a car and booking into hotels or similar accommodation.

VW Campervans are the ideal way to travel in style. They are super cool to look at and many people say that they are a pleasure to drive… one thing is for sure – it will be an experience you never forget!

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