Campervan Hire Abroad


Exploring the world is one of those things that human beings never seem to tire of. Exposing ourselves to different cultures, cuisines and cities around the world through business and leisure travel whether by sky, land or sea will always be popular. Most people, when seeking travel arrangements tend to make use of an airline to fly them to their destination and when there, rent a hotel room to sleep in and hire a car to get around. Hotels are frighteningly expensive and there is a way to cut back on your holiday cost quickly and easily – campervan hire abroad!

Campervan Hire Abroad Holidays

A holiday in a campervan is unlike any you’ve ever had before. From the moment you start driving around you’ll realise that. For one, you’ll find that the convenience of having everything you need at any time during your trips is very convenient and secondly, you’ll find your holidays are a whole lot cheaper. The best part about driving around when you’re in a campervan hire abroad is the fact that if, while you’re driving you see something you want to visit, you can just pull over and do so without worrying about time. Campervan hire abroad is one of those experiences in life that you’ll never forget for the rest of your life.

Finding Campervan Hire Abroad Companies

There are many companies that offer a great selection of campervan hire abroad. Most of these require a credit card for rental, so keep that in mind.

  • MyDriveHoliday offers campervan and motorhome hire in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the United States, so if you’re going to any of these countries give them a call and get some pricing.
  • Avis Away is a multinational rental company that rent all kinds, shapes and sizes of vehicles including campervans. They are conveniently located at most international airports.
  • Wicked Campers are based all over Europe and have a wide range of creatively designed campervans for hire at great prices too!

Campervan Hire Abroad Costs

Campervan hire costs range significantly based on what you are looking for and the features you need from the rental. This includes whether you prefer unlimited mileage on your rentals and other such features. The biggest influence on cost, naturally, is the size of the campervan. The bigger the van and the more people it can hold the more expensive it is. Expect prices for the entry level campervans to start at around £25 per day. Weekly rates are usually around 20% cheaper overall, so be sure to enquire. The larger campervan hire abroad vans can fetch between £40 and £110 a day.

It’s true that in reality, campervan hire abroad might not be the most glamorous method of transportation known to man, they certainly rank pretty high up in the scale of practicality and usefulness – you are always with everything you’ve brought with you on holiday. Especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time travelling between fairly close destinations, campervan hire abroad is ideal. Being easily accessible and not requiring any special driving licence, campervan hire abroad is also accessible to almost everyone.

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