Campervan Hire in Australia


Campervan hire in Australia is the most flexible way to travel this vast country, with its varied climate; in the most part arid desert or the coastal areas with unpredictable weather. You have complete freedom to go where you want when you take off in your hired campervan – stopping wherever takes your fancy. Campervan hire in Australia is especially great for groups, ideal for families and for retired couples who want to take a retirement trip of a lifetime.

Campervan Hire in Australia Holidays

You can start your campervan hire in Australia holiday in relatively few major cities for the size of the country. There are a number of sizes of campervans, some suitable for up to 7 people, offering different specifications and levels of comfort. Campervan hire in Australia should be plain sailing as you are given a familiarisation tour of the workings of your chosen campervan by the hirer. Additional extras are available to hire or could be included. You will need to check what is included from the following:

  • Implements for cooking and eating
  • Refrigeration and cooking methods
  • Ability to “hook up” to the power supply
  • Table/Chairs for outside seating
  • Bedding arrangements
  • A SatNav or other method of navigating
Once your route is planned you can stop off at any of the extensive network of sites that have good standards of facilities and there is usually no need to book in advance. You will need a full UK driving license (or a translation into English of your foreign driving license), in most cases be over 21 and use the child restraints or seatbelts where appropriate. Australia has many hazards such as dangerous wildlife (eg crocodiles), difficult driving conditions (eg Bull dust) and some roads that are just not suitable for hired vehicles, but this is outweighed by the beauty and variety that can be found.

Finding Campervan Hire in Australia Companies

Campervan hire in Australia is very popular so there are lots of companies to choose from, including:

  • Backpacker Campervans Australia – who are part of Australia’s largest rental vehicle operators.
  • Apollo Motorhomes Australia – a family owned company, claiming award winning service.
  • Campervan Hire Sale Finder – will find you the best campervan hire deals in Australia

Campervan Hire in Australia Costs

Typically to hire a campervan that sleeps 4 for two weeks during July starting and ending at a major city costs from £995 to £1800, you will need to add flight costs from the UK to Australia to get the total. Although unlimited mileage is usually included, calculating package prices varies between companies as each will have their own daily/weekly base price and optional extras. The cost of campgrounds, which range from £15 to £20 per night, and fuel will also need to be taken into consideration. Freedom to do as you please makes campervan hire in Australia the ultimate easy going change from the everyday routine with the prospect of an exciting adventure and the experience of a life time.

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