Campervan Hire America


America is a huge continent and one that takes some 5 hours to fly across. As daunting as this is, it is also one of the most incredible countries to drive across and the basis of many a Hollywood style romantic comedy movie – the ultimate American road trip. The interstate roads in America are legendary for the road trip as well they should be. Campervan hire America provides you with the perfect vehicle to traverse the states in – with all the amenities you will need on your drive at your instant disposal, as well as a flexibility that just doesn’t come with hotel rooms. Campervan hire America provides this for you.

Campervan Hire America Holidays

In the United States, campervans are growing in popularity amongst the middle class family holiday makers for their versatility and affordability while maintaining a decent level of comfort and being well equipped with amenities and features. Many parks where campervan hire America vehicles can be parked exist and a lot of them are picturesque, natural parks where you really can kick off your shoes and wind down for a few days with almost no care in the world.

Campervan hire America is versatile too – whether you’re doing a huge tour of the United States or simply need a place to stay while you’re visiting family, the campervan can cater for it all. Some have facilities like showers and toilets built in too, so you can spend a number of days in them if you need to. There is no better way to travel on a budget than with a campervan hire America.

Finding Campervan Hire America Companies

When choosing a campervan company, be sure to check the fine print like insurance and included mileage - it’s not always the cheapest rental price that will yield the cheapest overall price.

  • Cruise America are a well known company that offer campervan hire America and have built a reputation for quick, reliable service in the industry.
  • Lost Campers USA operate out of San Francisco and offer campervan hire America for between two and five people at very good rates.
  • Wicked Campers operate all over the world as well as in America and they have some super creative designs on all of their models.

Campervan Hire America Costs

The biggest influence on the price of the campervan is how many people it can accommodate, with the two sleeper models renting for an average of £20 to £40, four sleepers for £50 to £70 and the 6 sleepers over £100. Newer models and models that have comfort facilities like bathrooms, showers and kitchen and cooking facilities always cost more. On average, the hire price drops by up to 20% if you hire the campervan for more than a week.

All things considered, Campervan hire America might take longer to get around than it would if you were flying, but put that against all the advantages you get from driving to your destination in a campervan and you’ll find that it will probably be worth it. Always take time to smell the flowers, as the saying goes, and travelling should be no different. It’s not surprising that Campervan hire America is becoming more popular every year.

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