Campervan Hire in Tasmania


Campervan hire in Tasmania is an excellent way to explore this beautiful island, combining wilderness with modern attractions. Taking off in your hired campervan you have complete freedom to go where you want, when you want – stopping wherever takes your fancy – and there are lots of out of the way places to tempt you. Campervan hire in Tasmania is especially ideal for families but also great for groups and that retirement trip of a lifetime, allowing you freedom to explore the states five unique regions.

Campervan Hire in Tasmania Holidays

You can start your campervan hire in Tasmania holiday in one of three centres and end at the same centre or one of the other two. Campervans vary in size and style, suitable for up to 6 people, offering different specifications and levels of equipment. You can be assured that campervan hire in Tasmania is plain sailing as you will receive a familiarisation tour of the workings of your chosen model. You will usually find some or all of these home comforts included in the inventory or available to hire:

  • Cups, plates etc. adequate for the number of people
  • Enough pots and pans to cook simple meals
  • Cables etc. needed to “hook up” to the power supply
  • Chairs for sitting outside
  • Sheets, duvets, pillows and towels
  • A guide to camp sites and an atlas
Once your route is planned you can stop off at many of the free sites or book into sites near beaches, in forests and as far flung as you wish to drive. A full UK driving license is needed and you will usually be required to be over 21 and must use the appropriate seatbelts or child restraints.

Finding Campervan Hire in Tasmania Companies

Campervan hire in Tasmania is a competitive business so there are lots of companies to choose from, including:

  • Freedom Australia who offer a number of high specification campervans at low prices
  • Campervan Hire Tasmania who have a varied fleet with no hidden costs
  • Tasmania Campervan Rentals – a top class company offering bargain rates with all inclusive prices

Campervan Hire in Tasmania Costs

Typically to hire a Campervan that sleeps 4 for two weeks during July starting and ending at Hobart, the capital of Tasmania, costs from £400 for a budget Campervan to £1330 for a more luxurious model, you will need to add flight costs from the UK to Tasmania to get the total. Calculating package prices varies between companies; each will have their own daily/weekly base price, although unlimited mileage is usually included. You will also need to consider the cost of fuel and campgrounds which range from £15 to £30 per night.

Campervan hire in Tasmania is the best way to see this compact island with its diverse scenery and un-crowded roads. Whether you want history, wildlife or relaxation this laid back island has it all. So look forward to a unique experience and enjoy the different approach to holidays which is Campervan hire in Tasmania.

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