Campervan Hire Tasmania


While Tasmania might not be a big island, there is plenty to see and do there and holidays to Tasmania are enjoyed by many who visit. Something that is said a lot about the island is how many great places there are to visit, provided you have the transport to get you there. With the rise of hotel prices and the need for a car on any holiday to Tasmania, one would be silly not to consider campervan hire Tasmania as a way to kill two birds with one stone – transport and accommodation. The convenience of essentially travelling with your hotel room means you’re not lugging bags around while you’re out and everything you brought with you on your holiday is at your disposal to use at any time because it will always be with you. Campervan hire in Tasmania is a great way to make some cuts to the cost of your holiday.

Campervan Hire Tasmania Holidays

It’s fair to say that living in a campervan while you’re on holiday isn’t as comfortable as staying at a hotel by any means, and things like room service and a pool deck are certainly not included. But when you think about the costs you’ll be saving, as well as the conveniences that you DO get, you’ll find yourself realising that campervan hire Tasmania pays off in the long run. It’s not all bad! Campervans are fitted with a great number of things to make life on the road easier. From a shower to stoves and toilets to tables, you’ll have most of what you need if you select the right campervan hire Tasmania model.

Finding Campervan Hire Tasmania Companies

  • Campervan Hire Tasmania promise no hidden costs and all prices are including insurance and unlimited mileage. They have offices in three major cities in Tasmania as well as a free delivery and collection service to and from the airport.
  • Devil Campervans offer some decent campervans at very affordable rates. They also offer a quirky outlook on campervan hire that you really have to see to appreciate.
  • Tas Camper offer both backpacker style and luxury campervans to suit every budget.

Campervan Hire Tasmania Costs

Tasmania doesn’t have a lot of companies offering campervan hire and as such the price for hire is slightly more than your average hire rate in Australia and surrounds, but altogether it is still very reasonable. Consider your needs and wants and come to a compromise between them when you choose campervan hire Tasmania. Often, you will find the cheaper campervans might sound like a bargain but overall, especially for longer holidays they will become cramped and uncomfortable. Two sleeper vans start at around £20 for the very basic models and the more expensive six or more sleepers can fetch around £100 per day.

With so many great reasons to hire a campervan on your next holiday to Tasmania, you shouldn’t need much convincing to look into it. Because it is available to almost anyone with no special requirements needed, you’ll be hard pressed to convince yourself that it’s worth paying the high hotel rates instead.

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