Campervan Hire LA


Los Angeles is one of the most iconic cities in America, if not the world. It is often thought of as the movie capital of the world and in many ways it is. There’s plenty more than just the silver screen to see and do in the state however, with some of the best beaches and beach side towns in the world as well as a theme park or two amongst many other things. To see the city the way it should be seen, you should do it by road. If you’re going to be on the road for a few days, making use of campervan hire LA will definitely make your time spent there much more comfortable and relaxing.

Campervan Hire LA Holidays

The most efficient way of making sure you see as much as possible is to be as mobile as possible and that’s where you’ll want to have a hotel room that travels with you. How is that possible? Campervan hire LA means that your accommodation is also your transport, so you’ll never leave without taking everything you brought with you. Then there’s the cost saving side of it – Los Angeles, being the city it is, isn’t exactly known for cheap hotel rooms and staying in a campervan will save you a large amount of money on not having to rent hotel rooms while giving you the flexibility to move around whenever you want to and not have to rush to make reservations. Sure there’s no mini bar, but it’s a small price to pay.

Finding Campervan Hire LA Companies

  • Escape Campervans have won awards for their service record and proudly offer very affordable rates including travel to Canada at no extra cost.
  • Camper USA offers a wide range of different campervan hire LA options and offer discounts for online bookings. They have four branches in and around Los Angeles for your convenience.
  • Apollo RV are an awesome company to check out if you want to travel in luxury as they have a large range of luxurious campervans and motorhomes for rent.

Campervan Hire LA Costs

For as little as £20 per day, with discounts for longer rentals, you can get yourself a two berth campervan that includes a bed, table and seating. These base models are very effective if you’re going to a music festival or weekend event and just need a place to sleep. For holiday makers, the campervans that come with kitchen and bathroom facilities included can be closer to £50 per day. Campervan hire LA becomes very cost effective if you compare it to the costs of hiring a car and renting a hotel room with all the added benefits that come with it.

Given that hotel bills are usually only second to the cost of your flight to get where you’re going, not having them to worry about means much more spending money for your trip and sightseeing. With this and the many other advantages in mind, you’ll see that campervan hire LA is a great alternative to regular hotel and car rental. Campervan hire LA is not only more economical, it makes travelling easier too – rent a campervan on your next holiday.

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