Campervan Hire NSW


These days, a family holiday at Christmas time is becoming something every family does. To get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and escape for a few days to the countryside to relax and unwind after a long year of stress is usually exactly what the doctor ordered. There are a number of things to consider when you do come to deciding on your holiday, like the destination, method of transport and what you want to see and do while you’re there. These things all need to be decided upon with the budget of the holiday in mind. Usually, the two most expensive things are the flight or travel costs and the hotel rooms. There is a way to decrease those costs however – campervan hire NSW!

Campervan Hire NSW Holidays

There are a few different campervan hire NSW models available, and each caters for a specific purpose. There are the large campervans that accommodate upwards of 8 people (the really big ones have a bathroom too) or the smaller size ones that might cater for a small family of 4 or even a couple. Each of these campervans has installed facilities too – if you need them, most have cooking facilities like a stove or oven. Others have a shower and toilet (or even both!). Campervan hire NSW isn’t becoming more and more popular for no reason – these vehicles are the ultimate in travelling in comfort, especially for long distance drives that will require you to stay over somewhere along the way or big families with young children.

Finding Campervan Hire NSW Companies

  • Britz Campervan Hire offer campervan hire NSW and have been doing so for many years. They have branches in other parts of Australia and New Zealand too.
  • Discovery Campervans offer very competitive rates on all of their rental campervans and promise that the in season rates that they offer on campervan hire NSW are the same as the out of season rates.
  • Aussie Campervans are another company who operate in NSW and they have dozens to choose from.

Campervan Hire NSW Costs

Campervan hire NSW costs around £20 per day. Think about that - a car and a place to sleep for £20 per day. Naturally, these are the cheapest two sleeper campervans we could find, but it forms a basis where you can start to decide what you need from your campervan. Prices can be as high as £120 a day or more and hiring longer term (usually more than 3 days or a week) can see the price drop by around 20% overall per day.

When you consider how much you might save if you opt for campervan hire NSW over a traditional flight and hotel rooms holiday and add it to all the other advantages of the campervan, you’ll soon realise that it might be a better option. Campervan hire is quick, easy and convenient for any holidaymakers that want to have a great holiday on a budget. The extra money you save on campervan hire NSW might mean you can stay a few days longer!

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