Campervan Hire OZ


Australia is a large country and if you’re visiting with the intention of travelling around it, you’re going to need a very effective way of travelling long distances. If you don’t want to fly and have to worry about hiring a new car at every stop, your only real option is to drive between your destinations, some of which might take more than one day.

Campervan Hire Oz gives you a great way of being able to drive these distances and at the same time, not have to worry about things like hotel room bookings or where to stop – you can stop over for the night wherever you are when you get tired without having to plan ahead in case your drive takes longer than expected or even if you manage to drive further. If you’re visiting Australia, you should seriously consider campervan hire Oz.

Campervan Hire Oz Holidays

You can expect your campervan holiday to be a real treat. From the moment you head out of the rental agency, Australia will be at your feet – you can go anywhere and do anything completely at your own pace without having to worry about when you need to be here or there in time for a hotel room booking. The whole experience can be far more relaxing, especially if you opt for a campervan that has all the amenities and features like a bathroom or kitchen. Some even have small showers to make your time spent on the road even more comfortable. If you’re travelling with a family, there simply is no better way to get around than campervan hire Oz.

Finding Campervan Hire Oz Companies

  • Maui Motorhomes have been operating a campervan hire Oz business for more than 25 years in Australia and can help you with any type of campervan you might need.
  • Wicked Campervan offer those who want something a little more fun and upbeat a number of different options when it comes to campervans and offer very good rental rates.
  • Britz Campervans have numerous campervans for hire and each can accommodate up to six adults.

Campervan Hire Oz Costs

This is where the Campervan hire Oz really shows what it’s made of. The price to rent one of these campervans is very much dependent on what you are looking for. Often, you’ll find a single fitting, like a toilet, can change the rental by more than £10, so decide exactly what you need from your campervan before you start looking. The very basic two sleeper models can be hired for as little as £20 a day but these contain just a bed and perhaps cupboards. For prices starting at £35, things start to get a lot better with the two sleeper having cooking and washing facilities. Four sleepers start from around £50 per day.

By minimising the planning involved in your holiday to Oz, you can have more time to plan the fun things to do with your holiday like where you’re going and what you want to see while you’re there. Naturally, the campervan might not be as luxurious and not have all of the amenities of the hotels that you would normally stay at, but the convenience is a very strong argument for campervan hire Oz.

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