Campervan Hire NZ Cheap


New Zealand has an incredibly countryside – one of the most renowned in the world and ones that directors of many huge budget Hollywood movies take advantage of. Seeing this countryside isn’t possible if you aren’t driving through the country when you travel to New Zealand which makes the drive absolutely worthwhile. Not only is it more economical to opt for Campervan hire NZ cheap, it is far more convenient than trying to plan the times of your route. You never know when you might randomly pass something you want to stop and see – if you have a hotel reservation to get to, you’re not going to be able to. With a campervan hire NZ cheap, you can stop over for the night wherever you need to.

Campervan Hire NZ Cheap Holidays

The campervan experience can be very rewarding. If you’ve ever made use of one before, you’ll know the convenience and usefulness of travelling in one well. If you haven’t, be prepared to experience a reasonably comfortable travelling experience without all the drawbacks of traditional hotels. For one, you don’t ever have to drive back to the hotel, because it’s with you all the time. With Campervan hire NZ, cheap holidays are completely possible too, because you’ll be saving a bundle on almost everything about your holiday. Remember while you’re driving in New Zealand that the distances and speed limits are all measured in kilometres, so keep this in mind when planning trips or driving around.

Finding Campervan Hire NZ Cheap Companies

  • Wilderness Motor Homes offer two very affordable models of campervans in the form of their Dart 2 and Dart 4 which sleep 2 and 4 people respectively.
  • Kwiki Travel have a number of budget options to really make your campervan hire NZ as cheap and effective as possible.
  • Britz have dozens of campervans for hire and you are sure to find one that meets your needs and at a cheap price too.

Campervan Hire NZ Costs

The costs of campervan hire NZ can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. One of these factors is the time of year you are hiring. Usually this means that peak seasons, usually the summer months and Christmas time every year fetch the highest hire rates while off peak rates are marginally lower. On average, campervan hire NZ costs are very much the same as other countries around the world. For a two sleeper campervan with just cooking facilities, expect to pay around £35 while the same with bathroom facilities will cost about £45. Four sleeper campervans start at £50 and the really top of the line models cost about £100 a day.

Not only is your bedroom being driven around by you and with you all the time, along with all your baggage, the conveniences of a kitchen, bathroom and shower on the road can be a huge advantage too. A campervan is essentially a house on wheels that goes with you wherever you go – what could be more convenient than that? Campervan hire NZ cheap is accessible to almost everyone, so look into using this method of transport and accommodation all in one. It’s so simple!

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