Campervan hire Canada


Canada is a sparsely populated, vast country with numerous for the traveller. Hire a campervan and see Canada at your own pace. The spectacular city of Vancouver is in British Columbia.

Rocky Mountains are natural attractions. Whale watching is offered on Vancouver Island. Whistler is one of North America's premier winter sports centers. The West Edmonton Mall in Alberta is the world's largest indoor entertainment and shopping complex. Among other things it contains the worlds tallest indoor bungee jumping tower, a triple loop roller coaster, an indoor lake, the worlds largest indoor wave pool, the worlds largest car park, and the World's Largest Indoor Amusement Park. Travelling throughout Canada in a campervan is one of the best ways to see the country.

Be sure to allow time to travel between different areas of this vast country. In Quebec, the road signs may only be in French. Road quality is generally quite good. However travelling in winter can be hazardous in some areas, so make sure you carry the necessary equipment. 4WD may be needed for some roads in remote areas. Northern Canada is one of the world's great wilderness areas and is perfect for exploring the flora and fauna, the Northern lights, outdoor sports, and indigenous culture. Five cities in one, Toronto is known for its restaurants, world famous shopping, and other attractions. The breathtaking Niagara Falls are close to Toronto. Montreal is one of North America's most unique cities, with a mixture of French European and North American cultures.

Attractions include a wide variety of art galleries, music clubs, coffee houses, and restaurants. The Laurentian Mountains feature ice skating, skiing, kayaking, dog sledding, fishing, lakes, rivers, forests, and dramatic scenery. There are numerous camping grounds in Canada that cater to campervans. The Saguenay Region offers glacial valleys, towering mountains, and is a popular winter sports area. Canada's Atlantic coastline is known for its idyllic fishing villages, whale watching, diverse cultural activities, and rugged scenery. Canada, with all of its untouched majestic beauty, is a country which can only truly be experienced with the time and flexibility that an campervan vacation offers. Forget about set itineraries and rigid schedules.

Enjoy the freedom of movement and relaxed pace that only a campervan can offer. You'll have the freedom to visit thousands of friendly campgrounds across Canada and get about as close to nature as you'd like. The possibilities of an campervan vacation are endless. You will thrill at every aspect of a campervan vacation including hearing the haunting chants inside a Hadia Longhouse, winding yourself through the awe inspiring Rocky mountains, feeling the spray of the Niagara Falls on your face, capturing the breathtaking vistas of the Avalon Peninsula, and ferry sailing through the an inside passage off Vancouver Island. Vacation possibilities in Canada are endless, and a dream campervan vacation across this impressive and vast land is as close as a campervan rental agency.

However, while on your campervan vacation, remember to obey driving while impaired laws and speed limits, which are strictly enforced in Canada.

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