Cheap campervan hire


Campervan hires are a hybrid between car rental and RV rental. The cost to hire one for your vacation depends on many things including the size and how well the campervan is equipped, the rental agency itself, the options and extras you elect to equip your campervan with, and the amount of extras the rental agency gives you at no additional charge. If you do you research on the Internet you can get a pretty good feel of what to expect. Most campervans come with a minimum of full size, double bed, picnic table and camping chairs, kitchen and cooking equipment, R.V. awning for added living space; fresh linen, 24 Hour roadside assistance, portable ice cooler, travel atlas and, competitive insurance rates. Most campervan rentals run under £200/day and weekly rates are less yet.

Budget two person campervans are slightly cheaper but they won't have toilet or shower facilities, but they will come with a portable gas stove, cooking equipment, crockery, cutlery, and pots, an insulated container for keeping food cool, and sleeping for two. A slightly more expensive two person option is likely to offer more seating space and storage, a fridge, perhaps folding furniture for sitting outdoors and may include linen and bedding. Before you make a final decision on which rental agency to use for the campervan rental be sure to ensure that they provide some of the basics. These include: Insurance; Child or baby restraints; Minimum age for renting or driving a campervan in the country you are vacationing in; The additional items that are available for hire; What is the minimal rental cost/time; Roadside assistance in the event of an accident or breakdown; Rental company's guarantee; Driver's licence requirements for driving in the country where you are taking your vacation; Exentsion or cancellation; Vehicle safety and warranties; Whether they offer petrol or diesel vehicles, and; Discount packages with tourist attractions.

If you do your research properly it is possible to find cheap campervan rentals low as £40 per day, depending on the length of the hire term, the season, and the company. Hiring a campervan to tour your vacation destination is a casual way to explore the country. The smaller the vehicle the better you will be able to access to locations that are inaccessible to coach tours. Having this flexibility will give you better opportunities to enjoy beaches and countryside, to get closer to the natural environment and to meet other like minded travellers. As in any country, it is best to spend overnight visits in a populated area as opposed to an off road isolated spot. In addition to the aforementioned qualities you want in the rental agency you select to rent you a campervan and in addition to cheap campervan rates, they should also offer: Centrally located depots; Fuel efficient campervans; Free starter packs; Free picnic chairs and tables; Free bedding and comforters; Comprehensive and uncomplicated insurance terms and rental conditions; No compulsory insurance. Standard insurance should be included in the daily rate; No vehicle preparation fees; Modern and reliable campervans; 24 hour roadside assistance; Multiple drivers at no extra cost; A minimum deposit. You should not have to pay the balance until you collect your camper; Friendly, personal service and local knowledge and tips to help you and your camper get off the beaten track, and, above all; No hidden costs.

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