Luxury Campervan Hire


Many people now opt to hire a campervan when they go on holiday, be it in faraway destinations such as Canada, the United States, Australia, New Zealand or Europe, or even just at home in the United Kingdom. Opting to hire a campervan means you do not need to worry about accommodation, eating or washing, as all of this is included in the motor home. You can quite literally come and go as you please, staying where you want to stay and eating in your own time.

What is Luxury Campervan Hire?

Campervans come in a range of different sizes and shapes. For those who prefer the vintage look, there are Volkswagen vans, for example, or retro campervans that are fully decorated with vintage materials and interior items such as cutlery and even board games.

However, for those of you who do not want to do away with creature comforts, luxury campervans may offer a better solution. A luxury campervan generally includes as standard:

  • Leather upholstery
  • Internet connections
  • Double fridge freezers
  • Welcome hampers
  • Bedding and towels
  • Air conditioning and heating

Luxury Campervan Hire Companies

There are many companies offering luxury campervan hire. Some of the more reputable companies you may want to consider include:

  • Elite Motorhomes, offering luxury campervan hire in Southern England.
  • A Class Motorhome Experience, offering a variety of luxury campervan hire, from four to nine berth, including American RV campervans.
  • Horizon Motor Homes, specialising in luxury campervan hire in the United Kingdom and Europe.
  • Abacus, who have an impressive fleet of luxury campervan hire vehicles, including a two berth vehicle, several four berth vehicles and a six berth luxury campervan. This company also regularly has special offers on, as well as offering last minute deals.
  • Arrow Motor Homes, with a wide variety of campervans, including luxury campervan hire.

Luxury Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of luxury campervan hire will depend greatly on which campervan you choose to hire and how long you require your luxury campervan hire agreement for. Many companies encourage longer term hire by offering discounted rates for rental agreements of over a week. It is also interesting to keep a close eye on the companies offering luxury campervan hire, as many will offer late or last minute deals. The season in which you are looking to hire a luxury campervan can also influence the price. You can expect to pay anywhere between £80 and £110 per day during low season, or between £100 and £150 during high season.

So, if you are looking at that unusual holiday where you are fully in charge of your own time, being able to go to destinations that you want and stay there for as long as you want – or leave as soon as you get there for that matter – campervan hire may be just right for you. If you don’t want to do away with the creature comforts you would get, for example in the better hotels, you may want to opt for luxury campervan hire.

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