Campervan hire Quotes


So you want to enjoy the freedom of going where you want when you want, with the comfort of having your own kitchen and bedroom on hand. Campervan hire is the ideal way of enjoying your vacation and setting your own agenda. You don't have to follow a set schedule, if you like you can stay somewhere a little longer. Your own kitchen and no hotels also means that your vacation doesn't necessarily have to cost an arm and a leg. So where do you go to get a quote to hire a campervan for your vacation? The Internet is your best solution to solve this problem. Campervans are hired out all over the world and there are a plethora of websites designed to offer the solution to you your campervan vacation needs. It is up to you however to select the hiring agency that best suits your needs.

Two birth campervans can be obtained for as little as $20/day and in the price range of travellers looking for a cheap campervan vacation. The rental prices vary from one season to another, and are somewhat dependant on whether unlimited mileage is included. New model campervans are of course more expensive than the older models. In some countries only the latest models are available for hiring. On the other extreme is the fully decked out campervan that will sleep as many as seven or even eight adults comfortably. These, especially the newer models can hire for as much as $200/day. They do, however include all the luxuries such as SAT/NAV, satellite TV, DVD and CD players, XBOX 360, microwave ovens, outside dining equipment, bikes and bike racks, and generators.

You can check on prices right on the Internet. You need to be sure your quote includes any charges for stamp duty, one way fees, location surcharges, and LPG Gas Refills, as some hiring agencies may charge extra for these things while others may not. Some of the things you should be thinking about when asking for a quote is if you need a toilet and shower in the vehicle, how old the vehicle is, if you need an automatic transmission, If you plan to travel on non paved roads, do you need a 4WD vehicle, if children are traveling with you, do you need a TV and/or a DVD player, seating arrangements such that you can be near the kids and, suitability of the vehicle to carry a baby seat or seats.

Other considerations when getting a quote include; If a bond required to be paid when you pick up the vehicle and if so how much?; What is the cost and cover of the excess options? It's a good idea to know this before you pick up the vehicle, as in some case it can greatly increase the costs of the rental in order to get full coverage; If you are doing a one way rental, is there a one way fee separate from the daily rate?; Are there any extra driver fees, extra taxes, or other fees to be paid when you pick up the vehicle? (These are not always quoted by some rental agencies but are common in the industry); Does the campervan come with power steering and air conditioning as standard equipment?; Does the quote include discount vouchers to camp grounds and other local activities?; Does the quote include 24 hour roadside assistance; Are there additional charges for multiple drivers; What is the minimum age of the driver?, and; most importantly; What kinds of insurance is included in the quote?

If you do your research and ask the right questions you will find your reward in the way of a wonderful campervan vacation.

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