How Much To Hire A Campervan


Campervans are becoming an increasingly popular way to travel, especially in the current economic climate with people trying to save their money wherever possible. But why put off your yearly holiday when you can travel in comfort and style and at an affordable price? How much to hire a campervan? Let's find out…

The Factors that Determine How Much to Hire a Campervan

There are numerous factors that determine the cost of hiring a campervan. These include:

  • The length of the hire period
  • The company you choose to hire your campervan from
  • The size, make and model of your campervan
  • Whether you are hiring a campervan for travel in the UK or Europe
  • The time of year you want to hire a campervan
  • Any additional extras such as a chauffeur, kitchen equipment, roadside insurance etc.

Things to Look out for when Researching How Much to Hire a Campervan

When looking at the costs of campervans for hire, there are a few things to look out for. This will help you compare prices in a more effective way. Don't just look at the daily costs involved in campervan hire. You may find these to be pretty steep although they will vary drastically from company to company. Some companies may have a lower daily rate but they may later charge you for additional extras – make sure everything is included in the price. Some things to look out for include:

  • Check with the company includes VAT and any insurance fees. If they don't this will be an added fee and may change the rate dramatically.
  • Does the company offer unlimited mileage or are you charged a set amount per mile after the limit?
  • Are additional drivers included in the initial price? If not only one person will be allowed to drive the vehicle and this could change the way you plan your trip.
  • How old is the vehicle you will be hiring? It will usually be cheaper to hire an older model unless it is one from the VW T1 or T2 range that has been refurbished to look and drive like new. Budget backpacker models can lower the price by a lot!

Additional Extras

As with everything, the less that is included in your hire the cheaper it will be. For example, most campervans for hire will come with kitchen utensils, bed linen, baby seats etc. However, if you do not need these or if you can supply your own the hire company may offer you a discount on the price of your hire.

So... How Much to Hire a Campervan?

As you can see it is almost impossible to tell you how much to hire a campervan is. You will find daily rentals from as low as £20 to as high as £150 but it will depend on so many things that you are advised to contact a number of companies for a free quote and then compare the prices. One thing is for sure, with so many companies in the UK offering this service, you are sure to find at least one company who can offer you a campervan that meets your budget.

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