Volkswagen Campervan Hire


Many people throughout the UK choose to hire campervans. Whether it is for a weekend camping trip with the family, for a festival or for a European excursion, campervans are the ideal mode of transport for people who want freedom on the road and the ability to travel without worrying about accommodation. Volkswagen campervan hire is one of the most popular types of hire in the UK and with both retro and modern models available there is a campervan from this range to suit most people.

What is Volkswagen Campervan Hire?

Volkswagen campervans have been around since the 60’s and they are still one of the most popular makes of campervan in the UK today. The older versions such as the T1 and T2 now have an almost cult like following with enthusiasts hiring these for retro meetings at locations nationwide. The T5 is the most modern version of Volkswagen campervan and this is the model that is often hired out by hire companies. Available in both 2 berth and 4 berth, the Volkswagen T5 is a pleasure to drive, and is a popular choice with many UK campers.

Volkswagen Campervan Hire Companies

Almost all of the campervan hire companies in the UK have Volkswagen campervans for hire. Some of these include:

  • Camper4Hire – Located in the Midlands, Camper4Hire have a number of luxurious Volkswagen campervans for hire. The Volkswagen T5 also known as Van Dam is the newest model in their fleet and it can easily accommodate four adults.
  • SW Camper Hire – Located in Devon, this company have a range of Volkswagen campervans for hire including both retro and modern models. Customers can choose from Dylan, Morrison and Hendrix in the T2 range or opt for a modern T4 or T5.
  • O Connors Campers – If you want to go completely retro, O Connors are the company for you. They have over thirty years experience in hiring Volkswagen vans and have a variety of campervans from the 60’s to 70’s for hire.
  • Lakes Camper Hire – Located in the Lake District, this company also specialise in retro Volkswagen campervans. They have three vans from the T2 range available for hire.

Volkswagen Campervan Hire Costs

The cost of Volkswagen campervans depend on the model you choose (whether retro or modern), the hire period and of course the company you choose to hire from. For example, if you choose to hire from SW Camper Hire, you can expect to pay around £725 per week for a modern four berth van and £715 per week for a model from the T2 range. The prices decrease out of peak season to £425 per week in December – February.

Volkswagen campervans really are the coolest of the cool and with many models to choose from you can be as modern or as retro as you like. If you fancy being the envy of your friends and fellow campers I highly suggest looking for a hire from the T2 range… or T1 if you can find one!

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